Maple Peanut Butter Pumpkin Smoothie

Maple PB & Pumpkin Smoothie + playlist

Friday, friday, friday! Man, I had a glorious morning and it is literally only 7:40 am. Aside from having my own private Jack’s Mannequin concert during my morning commute, I think my mood in largely due to the amazing smoothie I made this morning. IT’S TIME FOR PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! I made this up on the fly, and could not have been more happy with it. I was melting-into-the-floor-in-love. Sooo… allow me to share!

The Recipe

Blend and bottoms up. I basically had my head stuck in the cup, it was that good. And here I am being all souped while parked in my driveway, ready to roll and ready to sing my lungs out.

photo 1

Ah, so lovely.

Oh, and just so you get as amped up on this Friday as I did… the best album of all time. Everything In Transit, Jack’s Mannequin! I dare you to listen to “I’m Ready” and not dance.

I hope your Friday is just as amazing! xx B


5 thoughts on “Maple PB & Pumpkin Smoothie + playlist

  1. Oh yes, the pumpkin takeover has begun… If this is the result, I don’t mind one bit!

    By the way Jack’s Mannequin is AMAZING. One of my favorite bands, and this is probably one of my most listened-to albums.

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