What I’m Loving Wednesday

I think it’s fun to switch things up every once in a while, which is why I am establishing a new feature: What I’m Loving Wednesdays! Once or twice a month, Sara or I will share what we’re currently digging, whether it’s a new album or amazing recipe. It’s a way for us to share what else is going on in our lives, and for you to get to know us a little better. Above all else, it’s a way to inspire.

#1: Loner, EP from Sucré

Oh, Stacy King: musician and my style icon. If you don’t know who Stacy King is (aka Stacy DuPree of Eisley), check her out – literally. She has the voice of an angel, and looks like one, too. I’ve had this new EP on blast for weeks. It’s beautiful, fun, and perfect for your morning commute. Memorable tracks: Wandering Back & Young and Free.

#2: Peanut Butter & Co.’s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl

I can’t keep my greedy spoon out of this. All-natural, gluten-free, certified vegan, no hydrogenated oils, no GMOs, no high-fructose corn syrup, no trans fat… should I keep going? Bits of raisins in every bite, if you’re into that sorta thing – which I definitely am. If this isn’t the flavor for you, no worries. White chocolate? Dark chocolate? There’s a flavor for everyone.

#3: High-waist Flare Jeans

Anyone else sick of skinnies? I’m over it. They don’t work half as well with my body shape as flares do. My feet are too small and my hips are too wide and my proportions are all out of whack. Since these hips aren’t going anywhere, I gotta work with what I got. Flare jeans, thanks for working with me. Bring bell-bottoms back!

#4: Beanitos Black Bean Chips in Chipotle BBQ

These are the BBQ chips you want in your house. Non-GMO verified, certified vegan, corn-free, all-natural, no trans fats, no preservatives, gluten-free… the list doesn’t even end there. I stumbled upon these bad boys at Ocean State Job Lot – hidden gem, for sure!

#5: Subtle Plum Locks

plum hair
I wish I had the guts to do this. What a beautiful color!

#6: The Divergent Series

Honestly, the author is 1 year old than me, aka pretty much my age. That alone made me pick up this series! Wow, Veronica Roth. I applaud you! This book is non-stop action. Twists, turns, romance, action, fantasy, imagination… you name it, this book has it. I could NOT put it down. I love when a book takes me far, far away from reality. If you feel the same, this is the book for you. Warning: You will have no time for anything else.

What is inspiring you lately? Share your images, words, and music with us! xx Bianca

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