October Style Inspiration

October Style

October style… our FAVORITE style. The time has come for boots and scarves and bright leaves and pumpkins and army jackets and sweaters and fuzzy socks and this list goes on and on and on. It’s the BEST time of year! Choosing pieces for this month was pretty hard, considering the obsession. But, we did it. You will LOVE these looks!

Bianca’s Style

Holy crap, I had so much trouble with this. I kept saving and then adding more stuff. I couldn’t help myself! I mean, I am sure you can see how jam-packed these pieces are. Let’s start with the clothing…

Back to fall basics, for me. I own plaid flannels in all colors, but green is my favorite. Underneath, my favorite gray v-neck. Dark skinnies to go with the boots!

Now the fun part. Accessories are my best friends – really. My style may look super plain-jane underneath, but that is because I like to pile on the jewelry after. I’m a gold girl (paired with turquoise, of course) and I am sure you’ve figured that out by now. That big gold watch is making me real jealous! Another camel-colored bag to match the boots and a pair of good ‘ol aviators. It’s October, so hello… can’t forget my boho-esque scarf and my forest-green army jacket.

I finish the look with two of my favorite OPI nail colors: My Private Jet & Jade is the New Black. They are my constant go-to’s, and they are gorgeous. xx

Sara’s Style


Confession: I wear tons of black year-round. And I’m totally okay with it. My skin is pale, light colors wash me out, maybe I have a dark soul, I don’t know. But now that it’s getting colder I can happily wear my almost-all-black outfits without sweating to death, and that is a wonderful thing.

For me, fall means boots, tights and dresses: my favorite combination. I think I own 15 pairs of plain black tights. As far as dresses, I gravitate towards fit and flare styles because they really fit my body type. I don’t even care if this cut ever goes out of style. I will never stop. For the cooler weather, I’ll throw on a cropped leather (synthetic!) jacket. I love the combination of something girly like a dress with a piece that’s a little more tough, and the cropped cut keeps short, hippy girls like me from looking like we are either miles wide or wearing a piece that’s five times too big.

I don’t usually wear much jewelry, but when I do I throw on my Alex and Ani bracelets (a gift from Bianca!). Add a favorite cross-body bag and a scarf and I am good to go! Oh, and I just got glasses (joy!), so I can’t forget those. I have the Langston by Warby Parker and I love them!

Fall, I am so glad you’re back. I’ve missed you so much. xo Sara


Note: We’re using Polyvore to put together what our “typical” style would be, which means a few things: No, we do not shop at expensive retail stores. We’re H&M girls, and Target is not below us. We’ll never pass up a good bargain. But hey, let’s have some fun. Girls can dream, right? On a similar note, we prefer to shop cruelty-free. In most cases, we may not be checking the accuracy of this. Please keep this in mind when you are admiring our individual styles. Thanks! <3


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  1. This is getting me so excited for this upcoming weather :) I love dark jeans, brown boots, a black/neutral colored tee and a big cozy scarf. The jacket can be whatever. I just need that cozy scarf :) haha

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