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We’re so happy to introduce one of our new friends. She is amazing, inspiring, and oh so interesting. Ladies and gents, meet Makayla!

Makayla is the creator of Fit Farmer, a farming and vegan blog. Yes, you heard right. She grows her own food! She started Scarlet’s Farm in honor of her aunt that passed away from lupus. She was a lover of plants and experimenting with different types of food. This inspired Makayla, and has taken her on a harvest adventure.


I found Makayla through WordPress, and instantly fell in love with what she is doing. I think you will, too! Let’s learn more about her!

Bianca: Tell us a little about Scarlet’s Farm.
Makayla: Scarlet’s Farm came about on a random afternoon. I was living in Berkeley, Calif. going to school, and I had lost 100 pounds in less than a year, I was also growing my own strawberries, and assorted herbs in my little urban garden. I was almost frustrated about all the restrictions when it came to gardening because of where I lived. Long story short, the ground was just way to hard to utilize to grow more vegetables like zucchini, squash, cucumbers, eggplant, etc.

So I planned to move back to Sacramento to my moms ranch and start growing my own food, not to just feed us, but all my friends and family as well. So it grew bigger and bigger from there. People started calling me the fitness farmer, and that’s where “fit farmer” came from.

After all of these huge changes were happening as I was packing and moving my stuff back, I figured it would be cool to name the farm. And my aunt had recently passed from Lupus. So after going through a bunch of different name options I thought why not name it in remembrance of my aunt that passed, and get more involved with the Lupus Research Org. so that’s how Scarlet’s Farm came to be.


B: Who or what inspires you?
M: What inspired me to lose the weight? Documentaries. I watched Food Inc., Hungry For Change, and Food Matters on one of my days off. And the next morning I got rid of all my food, went to Trader Joes and stocked up on only vegetables. Juiced for 6 months (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and it’s amazing how I evolved from only juicing because I didn’t know what else to do with just veggies. And now, I’m making vegan chili, vegan burrito bowls, vegan cookies, etc. But I still keep everything not just animal product free, but gmo free, and low sodium/sugar. Just because Oreo’s are vegan doesn’t mean they’re good for you ;p


B: What is your favorite dish to make?
M: Hmmm. That’s a tough one, Well, when I first started being fully vegan, my favorite dish was a veggie stir fry. But, now I’m loving legumes, so any dish I make I try to fit some lentils or beans in there for that added fiber and protein.

But, my mom being a more experienced cook than me makes a lovely greens dish, with collards, kale, and chard (all from our garden) and adds in her spices, boils it and it taste great!


B: What advice would you give to someone looking to grow their own organic produce?
M: Plan ahead! Map out where the garden will be, where certain plants will be, etc. Always give the required spacing or more to certain plants so that they can travel freely (i.e. pumpkins, melons, zucchini, cucumbers, etc.).

And above all, just have fun learning about the beauty of plants, taking in energy from the sun and producing that into food, and pulling in oxygen and water vapor through tiny holes on the leaves to keep it hydrated. It’s a beautiful process to see a seed germinate into a seedling, then grown into a plant that gives you free food!

B: What’s the easiest produce to grow? (For the beginners!)
M: Tomatoes! They are really high maintenance though! And the caterpillars love them. They’re easy because they can be grown in pots or the ground. But if you have the ground space, zucchini for sure, just water them, and give them an organic plant food if you want, but it’s not necessary if you’re providing a good amount of water, they’ll thrive all on their own! And one plant will give you 100 pounds or more throughout the season, and I have 10 zucchini plants!


Here are 5 Fast Facts About Makayla!

Delicious Dish: Currently – Vegan Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies!
Choice Veggie: Dino Kale (I eat it like candy)
Choice Fruit: Jujubes or Doughnut Peaches
Spirit Animal: Koala
Current Playlist: Florence + The Machine

Don’t you freaking love her? You can check her out at her website to learn more, or find her on Facebook and follow her adventure! xx Bianca


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