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Sunday Funday! That means your in for another Walking Dead treat from two crazed fans. We’ll be damned if we don’t look good during an apocalypse. Cause seriously… have you seen these characters recently? The dirtier they get, the sexier they are. So, we took it upon ourselves to put together our badass zombie attire. Walker wear!!

Let’s be real here. We’ll never quite understand how everyone stays so sexy in the zombie apocalypse. Seriously, Maggie is bangin’.

Carol is a total [sexy] badass.

And Michonne… girlfriend. You are a warrior, woman. michonn

Oh, and the men? Just… we can’t. Have you seen Daryl? Sorry to get graphic with this meme, but come on dude… it doesn’t even matter. Look at those arms.Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 9.06.47 AM

Now that you have met all of our best friends, moving onto our Walking Dead wear!


Bianca’s Badass Attire

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 9.28.13 AM
Michonne is my style muse. Seriously, what a badass babe. So naturally, you’ll find the katana sword. She’s got the most badass weapon on the show – one swipe is all it takes. Perfect. Got some olive pants, black tank, and a jacket for those cold nights. I made sure it had a hood, too. Somehow, a hood will make me feel safer [kinda along the lines of how I believe a blanket is the ultimate shield. Newsflash: It’s not.] Tribal bag for the supplies, a water canteen to fill up, and headscarf to keep that hair tame.

Combat boots are literally the only way to go. Lots of mud and guts during the apocalypse! For jewelry, I need a locket with a picture of loved ones, and a watch to keep track of time. I can’t lose track of time or I’ll lose my mind.

Last but certainly not least, Daryl Dixon, my boyfriend. That man can shoot an arrow into my heart any day, and then some. He’s all I need for maximum protection. *swoon*

Sara’s Warrior Wear

walking dead wear 10.26.14


Guys, creating this was so fun. I’ve lost it. But let’s just pretend that a zombie apocalypse would actually be fun and I’d get to choose what I would wear. Whatever. Obviously need some jeans with pockets for carrying berries and nuts and herbs. (Do you think it would be possible to keep vegan during an apocalypse? I’d probably die without almond milk. #dramatic) And a nice comfy top, of course. Also a camo jacket because come on people, I’ll be hiding from the bad guys in the woods and I have to blend in. Add a nice warm scarf to keep me warm on cool nights and also serve as a makeshift blanket or pillow during much needed naps while Bianca and Daryl keep watch.

I’d also need some sturdy combat boots for outrunning zombies, and don’t forget fluffy socks to protect against blisters and keep those tootsies warm. All that’s left is a nice cross-body bag to keep my hands free, a knife holster just like my main girl Maggie, and a Pennsylvania necklace to remind me of home when I’m stuck in some overrun prison with no plumbing, no television, and NO PIZZA. The horror.


What would you guys be wearing/bringing? SHARE WITH US, FELLOW TWD FANS <3 xx Bianca & Sara


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