Progress Report

I thought I’d give you a brutally honest progress report on my [mostly] plant-based plunge. I’ve made a few discoveries among the push and pull of this past month. Here are my top 3 of each.

Struggles / Notes to Self:

    1. If your daily intake features more grain than green, it’s time to reassess. Just because this lifestyle includes pasta doesn’t mean you need all the pasta. When you choose a plant-based diet, you have to… well… include a lot of plants in your diet. Ravage that produce section. Until then, this is your uniform: Funny pasta shirt - The Friendly Fig
    2. Watch your sugar. Dried strawberries do indeed taste like fruit snacks! But housing them in one sitting isn’t necessary or appropriate. Hiding the bag under other stuff in the trash doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Fuckin’ cool it.
    3. A few times a week, you’ll give into cheese in some kind of decadent form. And when you do, you’ll think about the stuff you know about the dairy industry and feel pretty weird about it. But incorporating dairy doesn’t make you a she-devil. A month ago, you used it in about every meal. I’ve seen you eat an entire wheel of cheese. Just sayin’.

Anchorman - The Friendly Fig

Successes / Notes to Self:

  1. Your family has tried a shit-ton of brand new things, including: quinoa burgers, tofu, spaghetti squash, soy yogurt, sprouted-grain bread, Earth Balance buttery spread, vegan peanut butter and rice chips. Your meat-and-potatoes man’s man cozied up on the couch with a (snowman) mug full of almond milk, and ripped 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar with you before work. Rockstar.
  2. In creating and photo-documenting recipes to share, you’re taking more time to appreciate the culinary process. And inadvertently, building a keen awareness of – and appreciation for – what in the hell you’re about to ingest.
  3. You almost did it! No soda, except for that one time. More specifically, no Diet Coke. It cues the song “Jumper” in your head when you think about it…but no Diet Coke (or artificial sweeteners #byefelicia).

If you’re interested in the TMI, here are a couple things to note. Wine will go right to your head – not in a fun way. Your digestive health will improve. And you might lose 9 lbs., steady out, and acknowledge again that this ain’t a fad diet.

I can’t truthfully say I’m a strict this or a strict that. I don’t think I ever will be. I have been a vegetarian who hasn’t had milk or eggs, but who has had cheese. I have a tremendous respect for you vegans, vegetarians, and kind-hearted people of the world. Consider me an enthusiastic work in progress.



12 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. It’s an evolutionary process. It took me several years, and various stages, before I completely eliminated animal proteins. But the technology is far better now, especially in the delivery of plant-based essential amino acids and protein. This was important to me as I maintain a very intense workout regimen. Just stay with it and don’t judge yourself. No good outcomes in that place.

  2. I can totally relate. After I read Skinny Bitch a couple years ago I was off dairy and meat for a while (2 months-ish). But slowly I’m back because I just like the taste of meat. I have slowly added a lot more veggies and I do try to eat vegetarian part of the week… But I love me some cheese!! Definitely share that respect for vegans, etc. maybe one day I’ll get there too.


  3. Might help motivate you to watch a documentary on Netflix called Vegucated. Sometimes it helps to see what dairy really is rather than just hear about it. It’s worth a shot :)

    • Absolutely. Thanks Michelle – I’ll have to muster up the strength to check it out – definitely into being much more informed these days. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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