What I’m Loving Wednesday

Oh November, you beautiful month, you. I’m getting cozy as hell this month – you know, fuzzy socks, flannel sheets, grubby-old college hoodies, the whole nine. So, you won’t be surprised that I’m loving lots of cozy things. And yes, I consider vegan mac & cheese “cozy.”

#1: Micro-Plush Sheets

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 9.53.51 AM

Yes, be jealous. I have these bad boys on my bed and I want to roll around in them forever.


Now that you have that visual, go out and buy some. You will not be sorry! I have them in beige… but dammit, I need all colors. TIP: Sleep naked like a baby and enjoy the best sleep of your life. #TMI – it’s fine.

#2: Bokeh Photography

Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. It has been defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light.” But basically what you need to know is this: Bokeh is beautiful, especially when its coming out of a teapot. I mean, how freaking magical is that? I can’t.

#3: Earth Balance Cheddar Mac & Cheese

Has anyone else tried this replica mac & cheese concoction? I bought both the cheddar and white cheddar, and in a word, it is spectacular. Tastes just like the real deal! This isn’t to say that I will be going crazy and stuffing my face with mac and cheese every weekend, but it is nice to have a box in the house for those Netflix nights. You know what I’m talking about (because Sara and I talk about this a lot). Pajamas, lazy dinner, and Office reruns.

#4: This Reading Nook


Can I just snuggle up in there with a good book and close the door and block out the world forever? Everything about this nook makes me happy. I’m getting excited just looking at it. I may need to implement this sweet space in my home… somehow… hmmm…

#5: Twinkling Lights

Yeah, this is a thing, people. I guess this is similar to bokeh, but it deserves to be on here twice because I cannot get enough of this shit. Especially with the holidays so soon!! I just wanna wrap myself up in a string of lights and live there.

What have you been loving lately? Inspire me, pretties! xx Bianca


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