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Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Mom!

Let me preface this by saying that all moms are different. Well, duh, of course they are. (And mine is the best of them all.) Think about what she loves, how she likes to relax, and use that as your inspiration for her gift. But if you really need help, something here may be a good option for you!

A Candle or Two

Moms love candles. I love candles. We all love candles. If you don’t love candles you are missing out. My mom and I are super particular about our candles and we only burn ones from Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle. Nothing else burns as well or has as much scent. We are candle snobs. Now that I’ve just possibly insulted your candle-buying activities, let’s move on. Sorry. If you have a favorite please leave it in the comments because I always love to try new things!

Gift Certificates for Something Fun

Moms work hard, guys. Like… really hard. Give her a little time off! If your mom likes being pampered, consider a gift card to a local spa. Maybe you can pay for her next visit to the hair salon. Or if she’d rather a night on the town, pick up a gift card to her favorite local bar. You can even go with her and make a night of it!

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Last year, something leaked into my parents’ basement and ruined my mom’s box or ornaments that my brother and I had made when we were kids. My mom was pretty upset. Moms are sentimental like that. So my brother and I (okay, just me… I had to really talk him into this) decided, that at the ages of 24 and 20, we were going to make her some handmade ornaments. I printed out some of our baby photos and made popsicle stick frames and everything. It was actually really fun! Try it! Or pick out a special ornament that you know she’d love. See? You don’t even have to be crafty.

Her Favorite Treats

Coffee, candies, whatever it may be. Everyone has that one guilty pleasure they can’t live without. Let the holiday season be the time to indulge! Throw them all in a basket and you have a perfect little gift.

Anything She’s Been Needing

I firmly believe that gifts should be a balance of things you want vs. things you need. If your mom has been needing something, but doesn’t want to buy it for herself because her old one isn’t totally worn out (you know, as moms do), take it upon yourself to surprise her! A vacuum, a new mixer, a replacement for that old cutting board she’s been using since you were a kid. Think about the things she uses every day and see if you can upgrade any of them.

What are you giving your mom this year? Xo Sara


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  1. I just bought my mom a copy of The Wild to read before she sees the movie, a DVD of The One Hundred Foot Journey, some gaucho pajama pants and a tub of Speculoos cookie butter cups!

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