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What I’m Loving Wednesday

I think my heart might explode over the following. If it does, it’s been fun, dudes. Here’s what I’m obsessing over:

#1. This Video

Okay, I’m not a huge Ed Sheeran fan, or even an Ed Sheeran fan, TBH. Someone posted this and made a comment like, “he learned to dance for this video.” I sort of wanted to see how bad he was. He’s not. This video is real love, set to dance. It’s by far the best, most artistic thing I’ve seen lately. Or maybe ever.

#2. Lobster Boy

Replace my eyes with little hearts. BAZOOOOGA!

The Mask - The Friendly Fig

Evan Peters, game on. I didn’t even notice you when you were that lumbering oaf in last season of American Horror Story. You play Lobster Boy in this season, and it’s taken me about 10 episodes…but here you go…have my heart. I like your chin, and your Average Joe-ness. Is that weird?

Evan Peters - The Friendly Fig

#3. Glass Animals

This band. Specially, their song Gooey. Easy listening. A little eerie, a little sexy. Bianca’s like…you’re playing them…again?? Guilty.


#4. Kid Crafts

Like this one…

Kid crafts - The Friendly Fig

You’re onto something, daycare! Give me any manifestation of my kid’s little toes and I’m a happy camper. I think this is an owl (??). It hangs on my monitor, and makes me melt. As did the bumble bee, jellyfish and little bird. #babyfootfetish

#5. Bathrobes

Bathrobe - The Friendly Fig

I think I’ll write you a poem about why I love robes.

They’re the best part of the hotel room

And cozy when I’m sick and sleepin’ til noon

When my kid needs comfort in the middle of the night

Or me and my skinny jeans get in a fight

Fleece or cotton or silk, don’t matter

Sneak another cookie from the platter

The very best thing on this big globe?

Slip into a cozy, worn out robe

(Oh and, © Kate Brierley in case you’re thinking of stealing this.)

Comment here and tell me what you’re loving. Or at the very least, reflect on it yourself. It’s good for the soul. ☮




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  1. Evan Peters <3 Did you ever see The Days? It was a ridiculous TV show about a family with the last name Day (which I loved for obvious reasons) but it was canceled almost immediately. But I fell in love with him on that show!

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