Lime Mocktail - The Friendly Fig

What I’m Loving Wednesday

Here are the things I’m gaga over as of late. Enjoy!

#1. Kate Hudson

Have you seen her Fabletics ads? Get real! Strong, confident, and stunning. Pretty effortless, too. I am also in favor of having girl crushes, and being inspired by other women. It’s empowering for everyone. Who do you love?

Kate Hudson - The Friendly Fig

Hate Hudson 2 - The Friendly Fig

#2. Mocktails

There are so many good ones, and they don’t have to send you into sugar shock. Check out this Grape-Pineapple Mint Fizz number from Diabetic Living. Vegetarian Times has a tomato peach spritzer recipe, and I’m oddly intrigued. Good, or gross? TBD.

Mocktail - The Friendly Fig

#3. Grass

Hell, even pavement. The ability to spot a dry patch of land and feel sure-footed. Getting out of your car, and not falling square on your ass. The only ice I want to see for a good long while is in my mocktails, please and thx.

 Grass - The Friendly Fig


#4. Vance Joy – “Best That I Can”

‘I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.’ -J.R.R. Tolkien

Ever feel like this? Yeah, bout that. This song is good for squashing that feeling, or for anytime, really. Go Vance. #easylistening


#5. The Americans

If you haven’t seen this steamy FX original, start from the beginning, and be amazed. You have to be in the mood to focus, though. The series follows two KGB spies in the Reagan era. The precision and detail in screenwriting and acting is jaw-dropping. And the disguises! I’d watch for that alone. Disclaimer: this season is the slowest so far, but big things are previewed. Still, check it.

The Americans - The Friendly Fig

From new tunes to nature and the boob tube, there’s just so much to love. Find what makes you happy!


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