Natural Soy Foods Month

National Soy Foods Month: 7 Must-Try Soy Products

Hear ye, hear ye. It’s National Soy Foods Month, bitches. If you are vegan, chances are, you opt for soy products. Of course, there are soy allergies, so this does not apply to everyone, but I am speaking generally. I know that I am a huge fan of soy, despite some of the controversial topics. When I think about it, I just think I would much rather take my chance on soy than ingest an animal-based product that is, “in theory,” equally as harmful. Of course, too much of anything is not a good thing. So just remember to keep it in moderation, folks. If it makes you feel better, you could do some further research, too. I like this myth vs. fact sheet that Soyfoods Association of America put together.

Thus far, I’ve personally never faced any issues with soy, and so I am certainly celebrating this month!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to count down some of my favorite soy products.

#1: Chocolate Soy Milk. Let’s start with the simple one. Soy milk is delicious, but chocolate soy milk is on a whole new level. This one by Silk is my favorite.

#2: Silken Tofu. Talk about a creamy dreamy good time. Silken tofu is ideal for pudding, smoothies, and even cheesecake. Very versatile, and a must-have in your vegan kitch.

#3: Soy Neapolitan Ice Cream. So Delicious makes this amazing version of Neapolitan ice cream, and it will make your toes curl.

#4: Edamame. They are soy beans, and they are a gift from God.

#5: Earth Balance Butter. The best vegan butter that I’ve come across thus far. If you are really nervous about too much soy, they also have a soy-free alternative.

#6: Soy Ice Cream Sandwiches. Trader Joe’s makes these bad boys. They are absolutely delish and will remind you what it’s like to be a kid while licking every last drop off your fingertips.

#7: Tempeh. So, tempeh is my all-time favorite meat substitute. It’s versatile, it’s nutty, it’s nutritious. If you haven’t gotten on the tempeh train yet, here’s your call from the conductor.

What are your thoughts on soy? Let’s start an open (and civil) discussion! I’d love to hear your experiences and what products you may or may not recommend. xx bianca


8 thoughts on “National Soy Foods Month: 7 Must-Try Soy Products

  1. As a fellow vegan I looove soya products especially soya ice cream and tofu! Although I don’t think my body agrees with it properly but as you said I would much rather eat that than animal products x

  2. I personally love soy, however, I am cautious and limit myself because I’ve read a lot on the negative effects of soy on people with thyroid problems, like myself. I just limit myself. For example, I use the Earth Balance Butter but I use the soy-free version. I also tend to lean toward almond milk rather than soy (although I’m pretty sure it’s Silk who makes the most delicious mini chocolate milks. I LOVE those!).

    Also, I need to try that icecream STAT.

    • I buy the Earth Balance soy free, too. Just cause I know I have soy in plenty of other products! You gotta do what’s best for you :) – the ice cream is soooo good!!

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