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May the Fourth Be With You: Star Wars Nails

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU, from one hell of a Star Wars geek. In case you were not aware, the Star Wars films are my favorite favorite favorite movies of all time. Well, the original three, anyways. Luke Skywalker was my first boyfriend – I was probably about 6-7 years old. I had the posters, the sheets, a pillowcase with Luke’s face on it (and Leia on the other side… which I never turned over). You can say my Dad really brought me up well!! 20 years later, I have a car named Leia and still go ga-ga over all things Star Wars. Everyone knows, and it’s awesome.

I heavily celebrate today as Star Wars Day, and that means we have a Star Wars theme for our cruelty-free nails feature!
Using Zoya, of course! Click the image below for a larger resolution ;)
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 1.33.17 PM

  1. In A Galaxy Far, Far Away (Rocky, $9)
  2. Beep Boo Bleep (Sunshine PixieDust, $10)
  3. C-3PO (Goldie, $9)
  4. Tatooine (Jacqueline, $9)
  5. Cantina Song (Juanita, $9)
  6. Jedi (Midori, $9)
  7. All Hail Hoth (Snow White, $9)
  8. Princess Leia (Ginessa, $9)
  9. X-Wing Fighter Style (Beatrix PixieDust, $10)
  10. Lord Vader (Raven, $9)
  11. Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try (Gemma, $9)
  12. The Millennium Falcon (Harley, $9)
  13. Carbonite Solo (Trixie, $9)
  14. Boba Fett (Evvie, $9)
  15. Slave Leia (Coco, $9)
  16. Let the Wookie Win (Kalista, $9)
  17. I love you. I know. (Autumn, $9)
  18. The Dark Side (Gia, $9)
  19. Dagobah (Yuna, $9)
  20. Endor Moon (Veruschka, $9)

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