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Cruelty-Free Nails: Breaking Bad Edition

I’m having way too much fun with these nail posts in relation to my favorite television series. So, let’s just keep on going! Any other Breaking Bad fans out there? It’s literally one of the greatest television series of all time.


Yeah, I rest my case. So I took a trip down episode lane and put together the cruelty-free Breaking Bad “line”.

NOTE: These are not the real names of the polishes – this is just for fun!

Say hello to my favorite Zoya polishes, again!
Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.09.00 PM

  1. Breaking Bad (Apple, $9)
  2. Heisenberg (Willa, $9)
  3. Yo. (Pippa, $9)
  4. Crystal Blue (Robyn, $9)
  5. THE CAPN (Livingston, $9)
  6. Walt Jr.’s Pancakes (Flynn, $9) COINCIDENCE? Maybe ;)
  7. Science, Bitch (Loredana, $9)
  8. Yeah Bitch! (Elisa, $9)
  9. Marie’s Purple Everything (Hope, $9)
  10. Hector’s Bell (Ziv, $9)
  11. Better Call Saul (Darcy, $9)
  12. Roof Pizza (Kamilah, $9)
  13. Pink Teddy Bear (Lara, $9)
  14. Los Pollos Hermanos (Kerry, $9)
  15. I’m the One Who Knocks (Louise, $9)
  16. Sniper Mike (Taylor, $9)
  17. Yeah Bitch, Magnets! (Trixie, $9)
  18. They’re Minerals (Miley, $9)
  19. The Fly (Raven, $9)
  20. Tread Lightly (Envy, $9)

Okay, which is your favorite? Mine’s a tie between YEAH BITCH! and “They’re Minerals, Marie” LOL. Love Hank. <3 xx Bianca


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