Radish Toast

Bold Toast

Happy Friday, lovers. Another old photo from the good ‘ol iPhone. It’s Friday and I am feeling lazy – not to be all lazy on you, but you know, I like to enjoy a little break while still inspiring :) I hope you guys don’t mind! Today, I’m sharing one of my faaaavorite toast combos. Seriously… it’s odd, but good. And the best part of all – bold and colorful.

This kalamata olive bread is the real deal, people. We grabbed some at a local farmer’s market from Olga’s Cup + Saucer. This bread it to die for, end of story. But the real winner of this simple breakfast…

Watermelon. Freaking. Radish.

It’s so refreshing! I’m a huge fan of radishes in general, but watermelon radish is just too pretty to pass up. I drizzled on some olive oil and sprinkled some salt – gorgeous heirloom tomatoes on the side and you have the perfect toast. Literally, fucking perfect.

And don’t even get me started on how pretty this breakfast is. Inspired yet? xx bianca