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Veg Food for Thought

Because honestly, who doesn’t want to be made up of bold, bursting-with-flavor berries? Let’s hear it – what do you want your body to be made up of? xx bianca


3 thoughts on “Veg Food for Thought

  1. I want my body to be made up of anything but animal products! Yes, I have only been vegan for a few months now, but I am never going back to eating meat or dairy. I love that I don’t feel guilty about my meals anymore. I’d have to say, if I wanted my body to be made up of a food, I think that would be hummus. I have just recently discovered it, and I’m addicted! LOL!

  2. I want to be filled with the energy to begin and complete my new goals for better health and even more happiness.
    The insights and recipes I find in your newsletters are being of great help in accomplishing these goals.
    I would also like to slowly transition back into veganism while maintaining a diet needed to fulfill the my nutrient needs specific to my health needs.

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