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Vegan on a Budget: $50 List for Trader Joe’s

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I’m super excited writing this right now, because I’m very much in a relationship with Trader Joe’s (seriously… what’s up with me and Joes?) Not only do they carry a wide variety of vegan products (or just cool products in general), but they are super affordable and budget-friendly, which is a necessary for us. We try to spend between $60-$80 per week in our household (about $30 or $40 per person for the week). We pack our own lunches, and only eat out on the weekends. It’s been working for us, and I really enjoy our routine.

For anyone who may be skeptic to this whole vegan/vegetarian shopping sitch, I’m here to tell you that the rumors are false. Eating vegan is not expensive, and it is much easier than it seems. So, I put together this list – $50 worth of veg-friendly food from Trader Joe’s that will get you through the week (or longer). I am basing this off of a household of 2, but you can adjust accordingly.

I am also choosing products while assuming you have the essentials at home already (you know, oil, vinegar, butter, spices, and various other condiments). I hope that makes sense… but of course, swap out items and add in anything you may need. This is just a template, and a little proof that it’s possible to shop frugal and eat well ;)

For a grand total of $49.43, you can buy:

  • romaine lettuce (3 heads) – $1.99
  • plum tomatoes (3) – .87 cents
  • bag carrots – .79 cents
  • bag of kale – $1.99
  • avocado (1) – $1.00
  • white button mushrooms box – $1.99
  • bag of potatoes – $1.69
  • bag of yellow onions – $1.99
  • bananas (5) – .95 cents
  • bag of apples – $2.49
  • container of strawberries – $4.99
  • brown basmati rice – $3.29
  • creamy unsalted peanut butter – $2.79
  • tempeh or tofu – $1.99
  • pasta – .99 cents
  • soy milk – $1.69
  • roasted garlic hummus – $1.79
  • can of organic black beans – $1.19
  • bag of brown lentils – $1.69
  • raw cashews – $6.99
  • ezekiel sprouted bread – $3.99
  • tomato basil marinara – $2.29

Prices may vary depending on your area/store, but this is what it came out to be at our local Trader Joe’s.

Play around with this list! The most expensive item on here is the cashews for 6.99 or the container of strawberries for $4.99. Strawberry especially would normally be my choice of snack, but if it’s not yours, then take that $5 and pick up some tortilla chips, salsa, dried fruit, or granola bars. Don’t like cashews? Find another type of nut. It’s really up to you what you want to buy for your snacks, but this is just a good starting point. Just looking at this makes me happy because I can see a ton of meals for the week here. Just a few ideas…


  • toast with peanut butter, glass of soy milk
  • tofu scrambles (with veggies and black beans!)
  • avocado toast
  • toast with hummus and tomato slices


  • peanut butter and banana sandwich, glass of soy milk
  • kale and vegetable soup
  • kale, romaine, avocado, and tomato salad
  • baked potato with cashew cream sauce and black beans
  • sandwich with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and hummus


  • pasta with marinara sauce
  • vegetable stir fry, side of rice
  • lentil soup
  • baked tofu
  • black bean soup


  • hummus and carrots
  • handful of cashews
  • apple with peanut butter
  • strawberries

Again, make as many swaps as you’d like, but I hope that this serves as a good source of inspiration and proves that vegan/vegetarian on a budget is not difficult. I’ve found myself saving money, to be honest. It’s very possible, my friends.
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  1. I am in a similar relationship with Trader Joe’s! I will drive across town just for their 99 cent avocados, ha.

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