Vegan Things I’m Loving

Hi friends – how are you? Life has been pretty fantastic over here. Still working on wedding plans… and cannot believe how fast October is coming up on us. We’re also in the process of finishing our basement- we just finished painting recently – YAY! Truth be told, I haaaate painting. I thought I would like it, but when you buy a foreclosed home and have to repaint the entire thing (including trim and ceilings), you don’t like it anymore. We may have done that 3 years ago, but when I picked up the brush last weekend… it felt like yesterday and all those “ughhh painting” feelings came back. Haha! But glad that is over – so now we need to hire someone to do the flooring – then fix up the second bathroom… then furnish. It feels like we are sooo close but still so far. I just can’t wait for this space to be done! We’re basically doubling our living space – yay! Minnie is going to love it down there, too. It’s so much cooler than upstairs. With these 90-degree days, I’ve been feeling bad for her. We keep the fans running while we are away so she at least has some airflow.

So this morning I felt like compiling a few of the vegan things in my life lately. Maybe I should do a post like this every so often, because I am constantly trying new things and then becoming obsessed with them. I go through phases. Currently, these are all the things that have my heart. Maybe it will inspire you, too!

Lightlife Original Burgers

Vegan Things I'm Loving

These are the best vegan burgers that I have ever had. They closely resemble a real burger, minus the cruelty. No, I am not just saying that… because I know most vegan burgers taste nothing like the real thing. But they really do. Joe (meat-eater) approved of them immediately. I only recently found them, and I cannot get enough. With 10 grams of protein and only 100 calories, I am absolutely smitten with Lightlife. While they are awesome on a bun with the toppings piled high (vegan cheese, pickles, lettuce, just mayo, and ketchup!!), I also love crumbling one on a salad for that extra protein punch. I highly recommend – they are worth the splurge (about $4-5 for a 4-pack).

Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter

Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter Review
I found this stuff at my local Job Lot (you all know how much I love shopping vegan at Job Lot by now). I love Peanut Butter & Co. as a brand, so I figured, why not? I’m glad I picked it up! It’s less calories for 2 tbs than regular peanut butter, and it still has that protein punch. While I only use it in my smoothies, you can also simply mix with water and make peanut butter. It’s definitely interesting, and I have been happy with it!

Iced Soy Lattes

Best Rhode Island Coffee Shops
These have been totally hitting the spot on the hot days we’ve been having here. Lucky for me, they make a mean iced soy latte at the work cafe (or maybe that is just more dangerous…) Sometimes I add vanilla, but usually I am good with just 1 1/2 packets of raw sugar. YUM.

Bee’s Thai Cuisine

Bee's Thai Cuisine
Basically, I’m obsessed with this thai restaurant in Providence. If you are local, I highly recommend checking them out – there are a ton of vegan options on the menu. Pictured above is their red mango curry (ughhhh coconut cream-based soups forever). It’s inexpensive and good portion sizes. We also ordered the mango and avocado rice roll wraps. Oh man. I can’t with this place! Definitely do yourself a favor and go!

Just Mayo

Vegan Things I'm Loving

Just Mayo is just the greatest. You need to trust me on this one. It tastes better than regular mayo because it is much much smoother and not all funky in texture. Also, zero cholesterol. Vegan or vegetarian or meat-eater… this is your best bet for a healthier mayo alternative. I love mine mixed with ketchup or chipotle – soooo good.

Trader Joe’s Vegan Marshmallows

Trader Joe's Vegan Marshmallow
These babies toast perfectly and taste just as good (if not better) than regular marshmallows. Yes, Dandies are awesome but these are much more affordable. Cruelty-free and cheap mallows are the way to go. I’ve gotten my s’mores fix on a to this summer… and thank God for that, because s’mores happen to be one of my favorite sweets to indulge in.

What do you currently have your heart set on? Would love to hear! xx bianca