The Friendly Fig - Boston Vegan

A Weekend in Boston

hi guys!

Ah, I am so excited to share our Boston adventure over the weekend. Joe surprised me with a reservation at True Bistro and a suite for the night. It was absolutely glorious, and seriously… what did I do to deserve this?! He’s just the best. Even just one night an hour away from home feels like a luxury vaca, ya know? Plus… all the vegan food. Like… out of control, so good. Lots of pics below the cut and some commentary – I hope you enjoy! If you haven’t been to Boston, it’s a beautiful city and deserves all the love.

The Friendly Fig - Boston Vegan

and we’re off! hi, handsome. <3

The Friendly Fig - Boston Vegan

I’ve had this bag since I was in 9-10th grade(?) – anyways, it’s my favorite and I hope it never breaks. gorgeous, right?!

The Friendly Fig - Boston Vegan

pit stop for coffee – we love Dave’s. small iced with extra soy milk and 2 raw sugar packets for me.

The Friendly Fig - Boston Vegan

I know, surprisingly I passed on the lavender latte – next time.

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After our coffee stop, we headed to the hotel. It wasn’t ready yet, so we walked to this place next door called Menotomy Grill and Tavern because the patio was adorable and the weather was perfect. Drinks and a platter of hummus, carrots, olives, and pita chips. Good conversation and yummy picking food = everything.

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So handsome!

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Okay – so True Bistro. I mean…  this place was out of this world delicious. It’s has a small, cute atmosphere – pretty fancy. The menu is 100% vegan. I documented everything I ate and I recommend it all – I was floored with how perfect everything was! I’ll share the menu items on each caption, in case you want to visit ;) Joe – you’re the best!!

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First App – Crispy Squash Blossom (ughhh stuffed with cashew cheese. I can’t!)

The Friendly Fig - Vegan Boston

Second App – Cornmeal-Crusted Oyster Mushrooms

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My meal! It was called the Phyllo Purse – brandy braised tempeh, winter squash, green mole, cashew sour cream. It was CRAZY AMAZING.

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Joe got Seitan Skewers – seared carrot-noodle cake, cucumber salad, peanut satay sauce.

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in between courses – how lucky am I?

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OKAY – this is not a drill. This is THE best strawberrry cheesecake I’ve ever had. EVER!! Both of us got it, and thank God because I was not about to share with anyone ;)

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A second picture, because it deserves it.

After dinner, we decided to stroll around Davis Square – it was buzzing with life. Joe grabbed more coffee, and then we sat and people-watched. We’re that couple, haha!

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gorgeous tree!

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more selfies <3

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love the lights.

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his version of heaven. nice butt.

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spiffy date night shoes.

So then we legit went back to the hotel for the night and ended up watching The Help, because I love that movie and we were in a total food coma. It was a dream.

Next morning, up early for vegan breakfast at Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge. Not only does the name rock, but the entire menu can be veganized. So you know, eat your heart out.

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tofu omelet with portobello. onion, and housemade vegan cheese!

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tempeh bacon

FullSizeRender (26)

when you can’t decide on the brownie donut or the french toast, you just have to take them both to go. [spoiler alert: french toast was better]

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bye, boston – we love youuuu <3



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  1. My fiancé used to live in Davis Square so I’ve actually been to both of those restaurants a few times!! They’re fantastic! I especially love True Bistro— they take vegan food to a whole other level :)

    • That is so great! It’s such a cool area – we had so much fun! True Bistro really wow’ed me… it was pretty much jaw-dropping. I’ll never forget that cheesecake for as long as I live – haha! ;)

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