Vegan-Friendly Hot Spots in Rhode Island

I guess you can call this part two of my favorite vegan restaurants and hot spots in Rhode Island. You can find my first round of vegan restaurants in Rhode Island in this post.

One of the cool things about living in RI, for me, is the fact that we are a super vegan-friendly state. You’ll find options and hole-in-the-wall places both North and South of the state.

Den Den Cafe

Den Den Restaurant Providence Rhode Island
I was pleasantly surprised with Den Den. Joe and I went with my whole family during PVD Fest a while back and I have to admit… I was intimidated by the menu. Lots of seaweed and things that I did not recognize. I landed on sweet potato noodles with veggies and tofu (pictured above) and holy shit. It was EVERYTHING. Not only is the atmosphere amazing, but look at the presentation. Gorgeous. The staff was very helpful and answered all my questions – and thankfully, they have a clear understanding of vegan. I really loved this place!

Tallulah’s Taqueria

Vegan Restaurants Rhode Island
These are my favorite vegan tacos in the state. Both their black bean and potato hash taco fillings are vegan-friendly. They serve pickled radishes with the taco, and it makes my life. Also – super filling and they double-up on the tortilla, so I usually order one and make 2 tacos out of it… and I am satisfied! They also have great outdoor seating, which is perfect. Now… take a walk down the street to visit…

Like No Udder

Like No Udder Providence Rhode Island
Like No Udder! Yes, just a quick walk from Tallulah’s… it’s perfect. Like No Udder has had a vegan ice cream food truck for years, and just recently opened the store front. They have amazing flavors – hard and soft serve. They also carry an eclectic mix of vegan products, which is awesome… from candy to nutritional yeast. Plus… a unicorn painting on the wall. You just need to experience it. Awesome flavors, awesome service, awesome way to enjoy ice cream all summer long.

Raw Bob’s Organic Juicery

Raw Bob's Organic Juice Bar
Raw Bob’s Organic Juicery is a small family-owned juice bar. Clean and colorful inside, and their menu is on a blackboard with colorful chalk. That alone makes me happy ;) From fresh juice to superfood smoothies, they have an extensive menu. You are bound to find something you love.

PVD Donuts

Vegan PVDonuts
The King of all vegan donuts. PVDonuts is RI’s first gourmet donut shop. While not all their donuts are vegan, they almost always offer a vegan flavor of the day (check their social media for the daily menu). I’ve had both lemon poppy and cookies and cream… both to die for. This is definitely a treat for every once in a while!

Nice Slice

Nice Slice on Thayer has an entire vegan menu. So many options – pizza take out was never better as a vegan. Note: the chipotle chicken is incredible.

Bee’s Thai Cuisine

Bee's Thai Cuisine
If you just walk up and down Ives Street in Providence, you are literally in a vegan heaven (Noodles 102, Like No Udder, Tallulah’s… and now Bee’s!) This is the best thai food I’ve ever had – FYI. Joe and I went for the first time and then talked about it literally all day long. We couldn’t stop. I’m obsessed with the mango + avocado rice rolls. And as if that isn’t enough mango, you need the Red Mango Curry. It’s absolutely to die for. The menu is very vegan friendly, so go crazy.

Duck and Bunny

One of my favorite brunch spots in RI! Duck and Bunny is an eclectic and cozy snuggery on Wickenden. They have an awesome vegan rice bowl with black beans and guacamole. They also have vegan pancakes, and always a vegan cupcake option. You need to experience its charm, so I hope you’ll visit if you are local. Just a tip – get there right at opening to get a seat. This place fills up FAST on the weekends.

These are just a few of the vegan options I am loving in Rhode Island right now. I know there’s more out there, and you know I’ll be working on another round-up in the future. If you are local, I hope some of these places are new to you – it’s the best finding a new vegan hot spot ;) xx bianca