Vegan at Marshalls

Vegan Food at Marshalls


This is a pretty random/short/sweet post, but I wanted to just say how happy I am with the vegan/non-gmo snacks at Marshalls these days! Whenever I go in, I usually am looking for clothes/shoes, but make it a point to fnd the snack aisle and see what they are carrying. To be honest, I feel like they carry the brands that you would typically find in a VeganCuts subscription box – cool, right?

This is also dangerous for me, because then I am stocking up on snacks… oops.

The last time I went, they were stocked up on Way Better Snacks, Beet Chips, Veggie Straws with Sriracha (YUM these were out of control), puffed quinoa chocolate clusters, Sriracha lentil chips (so much sriracha apparently…), popcorn, kale chips, nori…

I also nabbed a bag of just regular lentil chips, which were to die for. So dangerous to have in the house because I couldn’t stop snacking to save my life.

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So aside from picking snacks, they also carry a ton of superfoods! I was sooo surprise, and so happy with the low prices. Flaxseed, matcha latte powder, daily greens, chia, cacao powder and nibs, maca (which I totally bought), green tea latte mixes, various protein powders… I honestly couldn’t believe all the stuff they were carrying. I even noticed coconut oil off to the side.

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Nuts and dried fruit lovers? Lots of cool brands that do not get recognition in your typical market.

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I know this is kinda a short/lame post, but I just wanted to let anyone know who may not have stumbled across this aisle. I also checked TJ Maxx, and they do the same kind of thing (and HomeGoods!) I just think it’s super cool to see the less known brands making waves in a cool store. It’s also nice to know that I can find this stuff here when I just need a quick snack. Like when Joe and I go to the movies, I am totally going to come here for my snacks to sneak in before anything else.

Also a cute idea if you have a friend who may be vegan or just into healthier snack options – grab a bunch, put in a cute basket with a bow and surprise them for their birthday (or you know, for no reason at all!) I personally would squeal if someone gave me a basket full of vegan snacks ;)

Any other Marshalls/TJ Maxx fans out there? I really love it for everything – they even carry a ton of cruelty-free beauty products. I even found a vegan-marked bag in the past. Awesome, right?

Tell me about your experiences or if you already knew about this – I’m way too excited to be talking about this to myself – ha! Thanks for listening to me ramble on about snacks, and I hope you have the best best day! xx bianca



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