10 Vegan-Friendly Quick Stop Restaurants Disney World

10 Favorite Vegan-Friendly Quick Stop Restaurants in Disney

Here I come with another vegan Disney post, because I am soooo excited to just GET THERE at the end of the month for our honeymoon!

Most of the time when we tell someone we are going to Disney for our honeymoon, we get the typical, “really, why?” I mean, sure… we go every year and I have been going for my whole life but honestly… I just can’t help myself. Disney World is my favorite place in the whole world. It’s pure magic. It takes me out of everyday life and plops me right into a dream. It’s a special place for both of us (and we have no shame in that!) Also… we are not those people who can just lay on a beach for a week. We need to be constantly moving, and we need rollercoasters. Basically, we are two large children who love nothing more than a Mickey pretzel, some fireworks, and a side of adrenaline. AND I WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY! This is why I am marrying Joe, after all. He gets me ;)

So when people say, “really why?” I mean… WHY NOT!! There’s so much to do, and there is a reason why it is the #1 honeymoon destination, yeah? YEAH. TAKE ME TO THE CASTLE, NOW.

So now that I just made myself uber excited, I guess I’ll move onto the real point of this post. Vegan options everywhere. I share all my Disney vegan tips in this post, but wanted to hone-in on some of the quick service options. There are so many awesome places to go for a quick plant-based bite, but these are my top 10 favorites.

#1: Sunshine Seasons (EPCOT)

When you get off Soarin’, you absolutely cannot pass by this. Located in The Land, this place is loaded with allergy & vegan-friendly snacks, including: regular and chocolate soy milk, Enjoy Life cookies, vegan candy bars, fruits, veggies, and other treats. It also has a gardein beef tips noodle bowl, I’ve heard. I’ve never had it, but hey… that is amazing!

#2: Harambe Fruit Stand (Animal Kingdom)

Give me all the pineapple spears. This place is loaded with a variety of fruits and vegetables (watermelon, carrot and celery sticks, pineapple, apples, oranges, everythinggggg). It’s my #1 stop for refreshing eats in AK.

#3: Tangierine Cafe (EPCOT)

Tangierine Cafe has the most amazing vegan platter. It has tangerine couscous, olives, hummus, and lentils – but pass on the non-vegan pita bread. Unless you are vegetarian, then eat your heart out. YUM.

#4: Cosmic Rays (Magic Kingdom)

Build your own monstrous vegan burger. It’s got all the fixin’s – pickles, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard… the works. Last time I was there, the bun was also vegan. Just ask if you are worried!

#5: La Cantina de San Angel (EPCOT)

I had the biggest and best bowl of vegan tortilla chips and guacamole the last time we were here. It was a meal in itself!

#6: Erin McKenna’s Vegan Bakery (Disney Springs)

Stop by the infamous all-vegan bakery while you are in Disney Springs. From cinnamon buns to donuts to cupcakes to everything else you can imagine. You’re gonna want to buy a bunch and have it sent to your hotel room – just sayin’.

#7: Beaches and Cream (Beach Club Resort)

More sweets! We’re totally staying at the Beach Club Resort (weeee!) and this is the best ice cream shop on Disney property. They carry tofutti ice cream and have a ton of vegan toppings – like strawberries, fudge, and marshmallow toppingggg. Ughhhh YUM. Don’t miss it. You can get there through the backdoor entrance of Epcot!

#8: Anaheim Produce Cart (Hollywood Studios)

More produce for me. I love produce – haha! Well hello, it is so hot and sometimes you just need some veggie sticks and hummus. Or a pickle! This is the place for it. Oh… and a vegan Mickey pretzel. Can’t forget that ;)

#9: Gardens Kiosk (Animal Kingdom)

Located at Discovery Island near the entrance to It’s Tough to Be a Bug – this place is a vegan’s heaven. It has hummus with veggies, Tofutti Ice Cream PINTS (in chocolate or vanilla), rice chips, vegan granola bars, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, and yes… fruit.

#10: Tortuga’s Tavern (Magic Kingdom)

There’s the king of all veg-friendly burritos in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. Visit Tortuga’s Tavern for it, and just remember to ask for plain white rice.

Now I’m really dying to get there… like, really. I need a Pineapple Dole Whip STAT. I’ll hopefully be writing another post soon about my top 10 favorite sit-down restaurants… I’ll add it to the calendar and try to get to it soon. You know I’ll also be posting our whole experience once we get back – sometime in November when I have a chance to play catch up on life. It’s coming at me real fast these days, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s going to be a busy few months!

If you’re a Disney fanatic like me, share some of your favorite spots. I’d love to hear. xx bianca


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  1. My husband and I went to the Magic Kingdom for our honeymoon. Maybe it is magic because we’ve been happily married for 28 years! We had a blast and I wouldn’t trade that experience or those memories for anything. It will be an amazing way for you to start your life together!

    • Lisa, I love this!! That is beautiful – congrats on 28 magical years! I couldn’t think of any better way than to kick off our life with our happy place. xx

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