My Cruelty-Free Skin Care Routine

My Cruelty-Free Skin Care Routine

For the most part, I have been blessed with great skin. I get the occasional break-out (and it sucks) but I’ve never had a true acne problem. I give major props first and foremost to my Mom, for teaching me to wash my face every morning and NEVER EVER forgetting to take my make-up off and wash the grime away every night. No matter HOW TIRED I am, I never sleep in make-up. The couple times in my life that I did forget to take my make-up off – OOF!! So much grime. It was the worst feeling. I’m telling you – fresh face before bed is everything.

Even now, my mom will still give me tips on make-up removing and face cleansing. Still!!

“Use a face cloth.”
“Don’t pick.”
“Try this brand.”
“Gently scrub.”
“Use make-up remover.”

Just a few of her gems – love ya, Mom ;)

So – after giving her 85% of the credit, the rest goes to the awesome products I’ve grown to love. I’m always trying new products and trying to find what’s best for my skin. I tend to switch it up a lot, too – you know, to avoid getting “immune” to a formula. Since I tend to get a lot of questions about my skin care routine, I wanted to list out some of the products I am currently using. I’m really happy with all of them, and hope this post will open your eyes to something new. Of course – the very best part is that all these are kind and cruelty-free. No animal testing whatsoever!

Avalon Organics Brilliant Balance

I’m in love with this cleansing gel. It smells like lavender (one of my favorite scents of all time) and lathers beautifully. I’m convinced this is what keeps my skin so smooth and (mostly always) clear. Plus… affordable.

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes

I know I should, but I don’t usually use a toner. Instead, I will use these wipes 3-4 times a week to rid of the extra grime and give my face a refresh.

At any rate – if anyone has a cruelty-free toner they recommend, please do! I really should use one.

The Wonder Seed Facial Cream

I use this brand for my morning moisturizer – it’s light weight and has a pretty floral scent. It isn’t too overpowering – just enough. It’s cruelty-free and vegan!

Yes to Carrots Repairing Night Cream

I use a heavier moisturizer at night, and I really like this one by Yes to Carrots. It features vitamin E to heal and repair any cracks or blemishes overnight. Love.

Everclen Eye Cream

I got this brand in a VeganCuts subscription and I really like it. It’s light-weight and a little goes a long way around the eyes.

Alba Botanica Spot Treatment

I picked this stuff up while browsing the checkout line at Marshalls (as usual) and it’s become a staple in our house. I just dab a bit on any zits that pop up and leave it overnight. It almost always dries it up within 48 hours. I love it!

Boom Cotton Deep Moisturizer

I only use this a couple times a month, as it is pretty oily, but Boom Cotton is super hydrating an nourishing.

Anyone else a fan of some of these? What are you using in your routine? Give me all the suggestions, friends! Healthy, glowy skin for life. xx bianca


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