Lunch Plate Inspiration + Nutrition

Lunch Plate Inspiration + Nutrition

Good morning, friends! I’ve been obsessed with this lunch plate pictured above – not only because it takes no time to assemble, but it’s also full of all the good stuff my body + this baby is craving. I am so happy to have my normal appetite back. There are a few exceptions – still not into thai food (bummer) – but I have been going to town on fruits, veggies, and legumes. This is the stuff I live on – and the ingredients that I thrive on. It’s a simple lunch plate, but I wanted to share for inspiration and also thought I’d dissect it by some of the all-star ingredients. Each have a role on this plate, and that’s something that I always keep in mind when putting this kind of meal together.

First, the bean salad. I don’t have the exact recipe for this posted yet, but it is a variation of this avocado and bean salad. You get the gist of it. The key here for me is protein protein protein. Are you guys sick of me talking about it yet? I need 60-70 grams a day, and beans are pretty much my all-star. They also provide me with fiber (most of the stuff on this plate does) which will keep constipation at bay – which I hear can be a real bitch during pregnancy. Crossing my fingers that my high-fiber diet will prevent this! The avocado is good for omega-3s and tons of vitamins, such as vitamin E, K, C, B6, and B5. Oooh and folic acid!

Side salad with cherry tomatoes and topped with walnuts. Craving all things refreshing, and it doesn’t get more fresh than some romaine lettuce with cherry tomatoes – tossed with olive oil and balsamic. Topped with walnuts, because these babies are loaded with omega-3s to boost that baby girl’s brain power. Weeeee.

Side of lemon. Not just because it looks gorgeous on the plate, but it brightens up the flavors of this dish. Just a quick squeeze is perfect – plus vitamins, minerals, and lots of vitamin C.

So for me, this meal is real deal. It’s colorful, loaded with nutrients, and filling. I hope you feel inspired to make something just as healthy. xx bianca