Reuse Recycle Baby Clothes

Baby Thrifting: Reuse + Recycle!

Hi friends! I’ve been so excited to write this post, but kept putting it off because I wanted to really sort through and take some cool pics to go along with it. Recycling baby clothes – weeeee!

One of the very first things I did when I found out we were having a girl was ask family and friends if they knew anyone tossing baby clothes. The fact that babies need to be changed multiple times a day along with the time they actually fit into the clothes you buy… I did not want to spend a ton on it. We’re trying to save in any way we can – and I wanted to start with her wardrobe.

Before I even posted this to my friends and family, my sweet friend Lauren messaged me to let me know she had bags and bags of girl clothes for me. Lauren – you are an angel. You have no idea how much it means to me! Plus, Lauren dresses her little girl in the very sweetest clothes. Needless to say, I was thrilled! After sorting through bag after bag, I ended up with a very large and overflowing trash bag full of months 0-6 (with some 6-9 sprinkled in!) I have the best friends in my life, and I am so grateful for all the overwhelming love and support. There’s literally nothing better than thrifting, recycling, and reusing.


Think about how much waste we end up with – especially when it comes to clothing. Some of these pieces weren’t even worn, tags and all still attached. It’s crazy to think that someone could just throw away something so sweet that was barely worn. I’m also trying to be mindful in our home and in my own closet. I want to make sure that each and every item has a purpose and is used. You save money and space – it’s a win/win.

Once baby girl outgrows these items, I’ll be ready to pass along to the next mom. I can’t wait to do that. I know it’ll make someone very happy and excited, just like Lauren did for me. Pass on the kindness – it is contagious! A little less waste, a little more happiness.

So again – thank you, Lauren! Baby girl and I are so appreciative and we can’t wait to do the same once we’re done.

Just to show you just how freakin’ sweet these clothes are, I took some photos of my favorites. I absolutely cannot wait to see her in these. Plus – brand new, right?!

These are some of my favorites – tie-dye to watermelons to elephants. That’s my girl.

Reuse Recycle Baby Clothes

The most adorable florals.

Reuse Recycle Baby Clothes

Polka dots are the best.

Reuse Recycle Baby Clothes

More sweet florals for my little wildflower.

Reuse Recycle Baby Clothes

There’s no shortage in adorable pants. The jeggings and bunnies!

Reuse Recycle Baby Clothes

And pants with little footies? Stop.

Reuse Recycle Baby Clothes

The cat on the butt pants deserved its own photo. This girl is going to be decked out in felines, whether she likes it or not.

Reuse Recycle Baby Clothes

I am not really a pink person, but these girly pieces are sweet. I’m coming around.

Reuse Recycle Baby Clothes

Oh, and for good measure and some extra delight, here’s Minnie being a sun goddess and testing out the rocker for her sister. She’s the sweetest.

Reuse Recycle Baby Clothes

So hey – expecting mamas, you there? Don’t be afraid to ask around! It’s not rude. Facebook is awesome for this – just a quick post could yield some awesome results. You never know what beautiful gems you’ll end up with. I’m so happy I did, and so happy for amazing friends who reach out to help. The world is still good. xx bianca


One thought on “Baby Thrifting: Reuse + Recycle!

  1. Oh my gosh girl you’re the sweetest!!! I’m so glad Baby Girl is going to get more use out of Aurora’s things! I was lucky enough to have great neighbors pass things along to us from their daughter, as well as friends and family who have bought Rory beautiful girls! They really do just grow so fast! Sometimes it’s hard to get even more than a couple uses from an outfit! 😋 Enjoy and there’ll be more in the future!

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