Breaking Bad Nails

Cruelty-Free Nails: Breaking Bad Edition

I’m having way too much fun with these nail posts in relation to my favorite television series. So, let’s just keep on going! Any other Breaking Bad fans out there? It’s literally one of the greatest television series of all time.


Yeah, I rest my case. So I took a trip down episode lane and put together the cruelty-free Breaking Bad “line”.

NOTE: These are not the real names of the polishes – this is just for fun!

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ACV Tea Tree Toner DIY Recipe

ACV + Tea Tree Oil Toner

Hey everyone – I wanted to share my new favorite skin care product with you. It’s all-natural, homemade, and made with only 3 simple ingredients. I’m still in that in-between stage of tossing old yucky products and replacing them with new, natural, and vegan products. I found that DIYing most of my skin and hair care is the way to go. I can honestly say that my skin and hair has never felt or looked better.

I’ve already shared my Apple Cider Vinegar conditioning routine, so now I’m moving along to my new toner. Featuring, of course, ACV. I love you so so so so much, ACV. Even if you smell. Marry me.

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Seinfeld Nails - The Friendly Fig

Cruelty Free Nails: Seinfeld Edition

Man hands and Bubble Boys and invitations, oh my! So. many. possibilities. here.

Not familiar with what we’re doing here? Well, please meet your favorite moments from your favorite TV shows, morphed into color form. That’s right…we set them to nail colors for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to visit other shows we’ve covered, and holler at us with future requests. So far, we’ve got Friends, The OfficeGilmore Girls, and The Walking Dead.

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What I’m Loving Wednesday

Hiiiiiii! I’m currently in Seattle with John visiting a friend of his from college. More to come on our trip and all the vegan eats I’ll be scarfing (and you can see it all on Instagram!), but we just got here yesterday and hello, jetlag. This east coast girl is not doing well. B-U-T, let’s move on to my favorites! This week they’re a big mismatch, but aren’t they always? Continue reading

Star Wars Nails

May the Fourth Be With You: Star Wars Nails

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU, from one hell of a Star Wars geek. In case you were not aware, the Star Wars films are my favorite favorite favorite movies of all time. Well, the original three, anyways. Luke Skywalker was my first boyfriend – I was probably about 6-7 years old. I had the posters, the sheets, a pillowcase with Luke’s face on it (and Leia on the other side… which I never turned over). You can say my Dad really brought me up well!! 20 years later, I have a car named Leia and still go ga-ga over all things Star Wars. Everyone knows, and it’s awesome.

I heavily celebrate today as Star Wars Day, and that means we have a Star Wars theme for our cruelty-free nails feature!
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Apple Cider Vinegar Hair

Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have been trying to use more natural beauty techniques at home – not just cruelty-free products, but really… just as natural as we can get. I wanted to share one of my favorite natural remedies for hair as of lately: apple cider vinegar. I’ve always heard from others bloggers and even healthy sites while browsing that ACV can act as a conditioner while bringing the shine on like the sun. Hey-ohhhh, true dat. I’m obsessed with it. When I get out of the shower, I smell like a fucking salad and I am 100% okay with it.

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Prevention of Animal Cruelty

Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month: 10 WTF Facts

Today kicks off a cause that is dear to my heart: Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month. Each year, the ASPCA urges supporters across the country to “Go Orange for Animals.” Organize a fundraiser, become an animal activist, write an informational blog post, wear orange, spread the word on social media… there are a number of ways to get involved this month and show your support. Here at The Friendly Fig, I’m rockin’ my orange and here to open your fucking eyes. Eye-opening facts are inside the post. It’s time to take off your blinders. Continue reading

Friends Nail Collection

Cruelty-Free Nails: Friends Edition

So, this cruelty-free nail collection series is our new thing. Thus far, we’ve shared Office-inspired nail colorsGilmore Girls, and of course The Walking Dead. Now that I have completed all 10 seasons of Friends, I thought now is the time to reminisce. Because let’s face it – I miss these people.

NOTE: These are not the real names of the polishes – this is just for fun! Click into post to see all 20.

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Cruelty-Free Beauty Bag

#BeCrueltyFree Week: 10 Under $10 for Your Beauty Bag

By now, you all know that the three of us are big supporters of the #BeCrueltyFree campaign. So… you can imagine how excited we were when we were asked to participate in this year’s #BlogForBunnies for #BeCrueltyFree Week!

#BeCrueltyFree Week is a global awareness raising week where everyone joins in to make some noise about cosmetics cruelty, promote fab cruelty-free brands, and tell people about how they can support the campaign to end cosmetics cruelty in our country or globally. I thought now would be a great time to go over some affordable cruelty-free options. It’s NOT hard to #BuyTheBunny!

What’s in your vegan beauty bag? For me, I carry the essentials: lip balm, lip color, blush, liner, concealer, and mascara. If I wanted to go all crazy-Mary-Poppins-style, I would carry nail color, powder, hand lotion, face wipes… the works!! But I like to keep it simple.

We’ve found 10 under $10 compact & cruelty-free items that will keep you lookin’ goooood at all times.

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Walking Dead Nails

Cruelty-Free Nails: The Walking Dead Edition

IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! IT’S FINALLY HERE! The Walking Dead premieres this Sunday, and I cannot begin to express my excitement. It can only be captured as keyboard excitement [fhdjfhsjkdfhks!] To celebrate the second half of s5, I thought it would be fun to do one of our cruelty-free nail polish posts – Walking Dead style! Whether or not you are a fan, these colors are cruelty-free and gorgeous… and fit in quite nicely with some of TWD’s best moments. Let’s take a stroll through some of the key scenes from seasons 1-5, and hey, nail polish!

NOTE: These are not the real names of the polishes – this is just for fun!

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