A Pretty Playlist

Pretty Playlist

I love when music just feels pretty – here’s a playlist of some of my favorite dreamy, mesmerizing, and thought-evoking songs. I hope you enjoy – happy easy listening. xx b

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Current Digs Playlist | The Friendly Fig

Current Digs Playlist

Hi guys :)

I haven’t shared a current digs playlist in a while, so thought I would compile. Life has been really great – talked about a few key points here. The only other thing really on my mind right now is that Joe and I are currently binging That 70’s Show, and it has been making my life. Why does it always take me so long to watch incredible shows? Trying not to be a total couch potato, but it’s hard when it is cold and there’s good tv to be watched.

I hope you enjoy the music, and hope life is wonderful for you. xx
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Cozy Autumn Indie Playlist

Hi friends!

I am a little wired right now – I cannot believe our wedding is in 2 days. Ah! I just can’t believe it came this fast – the last year of being engaged flew by, so I can only imagine how fast the actual day will go. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have the pre-wedding jitters… doesn’t everyone? I just want everything to come together!!

This will be my last post this week – need to focus all my attention on everything else – from nail appointments with my ladies to rehearsal and dinner. Eeeeee!! This is actually happening. Breathe.

So anyways, I have a pretty light post for today. What’s better than a cozy autumn playlist to calm my nerves? I have been loving this playlist lately and wanted to share with you guys. It really does calm me down!! Also, I just love autumn so much – hence why we’re getting married now ;) You guys know this by now, I’m sure. But here it is… the soundtrack to crisp and colorful fall days.
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The Friendly Fig Playlist

Current Digs [playlist]

Happy Thursday!

It’s been a while since I’ve created a playlist for you loves. The last one was in May – A Playlist for a Wildflower. I really loved that one, and still play it on shuffle every once in a while… especially while I am cooking. It’s super relaxing! Since then, I’ve been listening to a ton of other things. Not gonna lie -it’s pretty random. There is no theme, rhyme, or reason. Some new, some old… some guilty pleasures. But hey, that’s me!

If you are as into music and playlists as me, I hope you’ll enjoy some of what I currently dig. Save it on Spotify, enjoy some new tunes, and hopefully fall in love with new artists. Perfect.

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Wildflower Playlist

Playlist for a Wildflower

Happy Friday, wildflowers :)

I’ve been feeling very inspired by THIS BOOK, and the universe in general. Spring into summer is a beautiful transition, and I’ve found a lot of happiness in the little things. I had a weird thought/feeling the other day while I was watching a bird fly. I actually started to think, “wow, look at him go. that is amazing. he just flies around so gracefully.” I told Joe about this odd realization/state of awe, and he asked, “what are you smoking?” Haha!

I’m honestly just enjoying whatever is in the air, and feeling pretty connected to miss mother nature.

And naturally, I needed a playlist to go with my current state of mind. I hope you enjoy these easy, spirited songs just as much as I do. I won’t even apologize for the excess Lord Huron songs – I dig, so hard.
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Valentine's Day Playlist

Valentine’s Day Playlist

Love is in the air, baby. Ooohhh the sound of love is so so sweet, especially with a playlist like this. These songs make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so hey, maybe they’ll have the same effect on you. Or maybe not, if you’re not into sappy shit.

I also love how they aren’t your typical love-song-on-the-radio kinda songs. Well, maybe some. You may or may not have ever heard these gems!

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