10 Attainable Goals for Omnivores Going Plant-Based

10 Attainable Goals for Omnivores Going Plant-Based

New year! Wee!

I know 2017 is going to be a year for the books already – will it top 2016? Yeah, I think so. Life has been uber good to me.

I love kicking off the year with a post like this, because I know a lot of people decide to “reset” and going vegetarian/vegan/plant-based is usually at the top of the resolution’s list (which makes me very happy). I’m here to help if that is the case for you… because everyone that knows me knows that I love nothing more than giving all the plant-based and vegan diet tips that I have. I am very passionate about this!

I know that transitioning is not easy, and I know that it can be extremely frustrating when you are face-to-face with a weak moment or day. Please – never get frustrated with yourself. It is never about being perfect – it is about doing the very best you can to feel the very best you can. Falling off the wagon is all a part of the process. Instead of feeling defeated, you should feel proud for revamping your lifestyle in the first place – no matter what your reasons are for doing so (weight, animals, planet, health – whatever!)

When all else fails, you’ll always have a place to go for motivation and inspiration… because I am all about that here! So today, I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for any omnivores out there looking to transition to a plant-based, vegetarian, or vegan diet. These goals are attainable – especially if you try tackling them one at a time. It doesn’t matter if it takes you a whole ‘nother year to get to where you want to be – what matters is that you are on this road NOW, and you are going to do great things!
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Turmeric Broth to Combat Sickness

Good morning, friends :)

Raise your hand if you are a turmeric lover like me? Beautiful golden color aside, turmeric is one of the most beautiful spices to ever come from this ever-giving earth. I’ve blabbed about it a thousand times on here – from turmeric soup to golden milk and lattes (you can find a list of its amazing benefits in that last link). This time, I’m saying “all hail turmeric” for its cold and flu-prevention benefits.
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Why I Don't Eat Eggs

Why I Don’t Eat Eggs

Eggs. This is a question I get a lot – and sometimes, a question I am not entirely sure of how to answer. I eat a plant-based diet (which is essentially a vegan diet with the exception of local honey) which excludes eggs. I used to eat eggs, but have grown to really be repulsed by them… which we’ll get into.

But sometimes people ask me if I would eat eggs if I had my own chickens. I mean… if there is no cruelty involved at all (which is my main concern), it should be fine, right? I think it’s a personal question and it will vary for different people. For me personally, I wouldn’t eat eggs even from my own hypothetical chickens. It’s not because of the cruelty at that point, but I am just kinda grossed out by the idea of eggs in general. Now that I have distanced myself from them for over two and a half years, I really have grown to wrinkle my nose at them. Joe will make eggs for breakfast, and just the smell is more potent than I remember – forget about the smell in the dishwasher! I have to soak his plates in the sink with soap and vinegar for hours before I even put into the dishwasher. He thinks I am crazy, but I can’t help it – I am just very sensitive to eggs and the smell of ‘em.

A lot of people wonder why eggs are cruel in the first place – and I don’t blame them. I never knew before I watched the documentaries and really educated myself on where eggs come from. So when someone asks me, “I get meat but why eggs?” I am not annoyed or put off – I really try to educate them on the real egg industry. I am not one of those people who will get crazy graphic or preachy, but I will just state my case. And I wanted to share my reasons on here.
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Acai Antioxidant Booster Smoothie

Acai Antioxidant Booster Smoothie + Benefits

Happy Monday, friends! I have been on a wicked smoothie kick lately, and I think Trader Joe’s is to blame. They have added a ton of new frozen fruits to our local store and I have been going crazy. Frozen sweet cherries and peach slices are two of my new favorites. I actually haven’t even had a chance to use the peach slices in a smoothie because they are so good as is! I have been snacking on them at night – I just let them sit for a few minutes so they are still frozen, but softened and sweeter.

Fruit aside, the real excitement is their frozen acai packs!! I have no idea when they started stocking these, but I just noticed them a couple weeks ago. Four packs for $4.99. I know, it sounds pricy, but… believe it or not, this is cheap for acai packets. I think they are close to $6 at my Whole Foods. I’ll dish out a little extra once a month to have these on hand – acai is a superfood, afterall.

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17 Things That Happened When I Adopted a Plant-Based Diet

17 Things That Happened When I Adopted a Plant-Based Diet

I’ve been eating a plant-based/vegan diet for over 2 1/2 years now. I love that so much. When I stop and think about it, it really does make me step back and realize all the changes that my body has went through, and how crazy it is to think how I used to eat. It is mind-boggling, really! I wanted to share a modest list of some of the changes that happened after I cut out all meat, dairy, and animal-based products. They may seem minor, but not to me! Some are quirky, some are expected… but all have changed how I feel as a human, and for the better.

I’m proud of what my diet and health looks like in this moment vs. me 3 years ago.
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Vitamins for Vegetarians

Let’s Talk Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements – it’s a thing when you eat entirely plant-based. Yes, you are eating waaay better and ingesting all the nutrients through fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, and the works. However, some stuff (ahem, hi b12!) is a bit tougher to get into your diet and if you have any doubt that you may or may not be getting enough… well, I say it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I wasn’t too worried about vitamins at first and was kinda “whatever,” about it, but that changed quickly. I definitely noticed some not-so-great changes over time and now here I am – preaching about vitamins! I’d like to get a little personal today, so I hope you’re into it. I want to share some of the side effects that I faced and what vitamins I have added into my lifestyle to get back on track.

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Tips for Waking Up Early

Tips for Waking Up Early (+ Why You Should!)

Hello from 5:07 am :)

Okay – sure, 5:07 seems very early. I know. Buttttt… I don’t hate it. Most people in my life think I am absolutely insane for being such an earlybird, but I love my schedule so much. I’m so productive first thing in the morning! It’s become my time to destress and write first thing… coffee/tea, pajamas, lavender oil diffuser, and the glow of the himalayan salt lamp. Oh, and Miss Minnie snuggled by my side. While the rest of the world is quiet and still, I’m basking in the silence. It’s my time. The funny thing is, when Joe tries to get up and enjoy “my time” with me… I’m like wait, what are you doing up?! PLEASE STAY QUIET. Hahaha.

But no, I love that he is starting to adopt a smidge of the earlybird lifestyle. He used to sleep in until around 9-10, but increasingly getting up around 8 now. I love it. Even on Saturdays, we are up and at it and ready to hit the market and get weekend chores rolling. Done by 10-11am, and then free to enjoy the remainder of the day. Again, I really freaking love it.

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Vegan Roasted Cabbage Recipe

Roasted Cabbage (+benefits)

As promised, simple, whole recipes. Roasted cabbage is one of my favorite snacks. I eat it alone, or mix in some grains and other roasted veggies for a hearty dinner. Aside from being easy to make and delicious, I would definitely consider cabbage to be a super food. It may not look like much, but don’t let that deceive you. I’ll share some star benefits after the recipe.

And one of the best things about cabbage? It is dirt cheap (like, 60 cents a lb cheap).

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Coconut Oil Uses Benefits

What To Do With Coconut Oil

hi there, coconuts ;)

Any other people out there obsessed with coconut oil? I grew up in an Italian household, so olive oil was always our oil of choice. Hey, it still is, usually… but I have definitely expanded my palate when I adopted a plant-based lifestyle. I started to experiment with different oils in both cooking and baking. Coconut oil definitely ranks near the top, and I have really learned to embrace its subtle, sweet taste. I think it adds a lot of depth to meals, and also has proved to be amazing as a beauty ingredient, too.

I use coconut oil in a lot of random ways in my life, so I wanted to share a few of my key coconut oil habits (as well as some health benefits). It’s important to shed light on products that you may not necessarily feel compelled to try. If you are not a coconut oil believer, maybe this can change your mind.
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How to Detox After a Night of Eating Heavy

How to Detox After a Night of Eating Heavy

Show of hands for everyone who’s felt bloated in the worst way the morning after a night of heavy eating? Your fingers feel swollen, you can’t suck your stomach in, and you just generally feel sloppy, right? I expect every single one of you reading this to nod at the screen because honestly, we all do it! Thing is, I never regret it. It’s fine (and glorious) to go all out every once in a while. That’s life, and some of the best memories I have are from nights where my girlfriends and I stayed up all night eating junk food and indulging in mindless chatter and conversation. There’s no need to beat yourself up over eating too much. It happens, we wake up, and we mind what we put into our body the next day. Life is a balancing act.

I wanted to share a couple habits of mine for those morning-after-days when I’m tempted to walk around the house sans pants because I feel so sluggish to wear or do anything. Minding what I put into my body the next day does wonders for my mental state, and helps with the bloat. These are just a few things that help me – it may be different for everyone, but let’s hear it for some detoxing inspiration ;)

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