5 Stylish Non-Diaper Bags

5 Stylish Non-Diaper Bags

I’ve mentioned it on here more than once, but I am obsessed with my non-diaper bag. To be honest, I did choose a diaper bag out and was gifted it at my shower. It was so much bulkier than the photos and it was simply… not me. When you become a mom, you do lose some pieces of your previous self (it’s not a bad thing, but it was a little sad for me at first). Life is so much more beautiful with your baby, but why sacrifice your personal sense of style? If there was one thing I wanted to savor, it was my style choices. I just could not see myself carrying around that lug of a diaper bag. Of course, a lot of women love their diaper bags! Which is awesome, because whatever works best for you, that is what you should always do. But the ones marketed as diaper bags were just not for me.

I quickly exchanged the bag in for something that was actually cheaper, chicer, and vegan-friendly. I can’t even tell you how much I love it. It goes well with everything, isn’t too big, and easily holds all of my own things, as well as Willow’s.
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Newborn Essentials + Favorites 2018

Newborn Essentials + Favorites 2017

The thing is – newborns need very little. Aside from the diapers/wipes/car seat, I did find that some products I used much more than others, and they quickly became a part of our daily routine. I know this varies from baby-to-baby, so what works best for me may not necessarily be the best for your little one, but hey… maybe it will help you in some way. That’s my hope, anyway. :)

Here’s my very subjective list of essentials.

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Inside Our Minimalist Diaper Bag (0-6 Months)

Inside Our Minimalist Diaper Bag (0-6 Months)

Before Willow arrived, I shared a post on what’s in our diaper bag. And I’ll be honest – A LOT has changed since then. I was carrying way too much. I also realized that the diaper bag I originally purchased was just no the one for me. It was a little too bulky. It also didn’t feel like “me” and I really didn’t want to lose that. If I am going to be carrying around this bag 24/7, I want it to be something I’m excited to carry!

Because honestly – bags that are marketed as diaper bags are nice, but not necessary. A big bag is all you need! Does it have pockets and compartments? Yes? It’ll probably work just fine! They also make awesome organizers for these things now, which can turn any bag into a diaper bag. I actually did buy this one, but ended up not even using it. It added more weight than anything else. The bag I ended up buying is not only my style and chic, it is light-weight, durable, and has awesome compartments! You can find the bag I use here and take a look. It has an outside pocket, pockets inside, and a zipper space in between both sides of the purse – I use one side for my items, the middle zippered compartment for clothes/cloths, and the other side for diapering needs. It both short and long shoulder-strap options (though I prefer the short shoulder one).

Everyone is different, but this is the bag that works for us. If you like actual diaper bags, that works, too. They just didn’t work for me! But anyways, onto what is inside the bag. It’s a bit minimal, but that is how I like it. I never need more than this.

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Tips for Staying Comfortable Postpartum

Staying Comfortable Postpartum

Hi friends! Feels good to write a post here and there while still soaking up these first few weeks of motherhood.

As discussed in Willow’s birth story, a lot of the things that I feared the most ended up going so smoothly. Postpartum care also falls under this, because it really wasn’t as scary as I had always heard. Physically, I was fortunate to not have major tearing or any other issues, so it was pretty straightforward care. But aside from physical care, it is extremely important to care for your mental and emotional state. This was the hard part for me, but I’ll save that for another post. For now, I wanted to share some of the ways that I was able to stay comfortable and get through those first few crazy weeks. When it feels overwhelming, just remember that it is temporary. I had to tell myself this quite a few times. So if that is how you feel, the good news is, the weeks fly by.

Onto what worked for me :)
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What I Actually Used In My Hospital Bag

What I ACTUALLY Used In My Hospital Bag

As promised in my first minimalist hospital bag post, I’m here to share what I actually used in my bag. Apparently, there is a big difference in what you pack and what you really use. And I thought I packed minimally!

This is my own experience, so it may be much different for you. But I did just want to update and share – maybe it will help you decide what to keep or nix when the time comes for you. I know that if we do have a second baby, I definitely will be packing much lighter.
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Resources for a Vegan/Plant-Based Pregnancy

20+ Resources for a Vegan/Plant-Based Pregnancy

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have gone through my very first pregnancy plant-based. Knowing that my Willow was literally powered by plants made me so happy. I felt great during my pregnancy for the most part (which you can read more details about in my first, second, and third trimester posts). Of course there were the typical aches and pains, but I always felt very healthy with no crazy issues. I gained exactly what I needed to gain and had nothing but good reports from my doctor with each visit. I’m very grateful to have been so lucky – and I do feel that eating vegan/plant-based contributed to much of this.

So many people – friends, family, and strangers – have been curious about my pregnancy and ask questions concerning my diet. Some people were skeptical and would make some unnecessary comments (to those people, I would kindly reply that I feel amazing and my doctor says I am doing great) but most were genuinely impressed. I’ve also connected with a lot of you on Instagram who were also going through a vegan or plant-based pregnancy, or were maybe interested in transitioning. I received so many questions through IG messages/chat and trust me, I would happily reply because I love talking about it!

At any rate, I am totally rambling, but the point is… I know a lot of people have questions and concerns or maybe just need some meal inspiration. I documented a lot of my pregnancy on here, so I want to compile all my posts in one spot. I hope that you find what you are looking for below – or comment and ask. We’re all different and may have different needs, but this is my personal experience and I hope that it inspires any else who may have an interest in a similar journey.

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Benefits Warm Lemon + Ginger Water

Healthy Habit: Drinking Warm Lemon + Ginger Water

I’m always working on incorporating new healthy habits into my lifestyle. This is one that took me a while to stick with, but I am happy to say that I’ve definitely incorporated it much more lately (and hopefully will get better once the weather cools!) I’m up around 5:30/6 am, and the very first thing I do is either drink a large glass of water or make my mug of this and then spend the next hour or so blogging, catching up on other blogs, etc. It’s my favorite “me” time and sets the tone for my day. Soaking it up as much as I can now before my entire morning routine changes!

I am glad I’ve stuck with it because I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my skin (which may also be in conjunction with pregnancy). Nonetheless, it’s become a comforting part of my morning routine, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and the benefits I’ve found while browsing the internet. Both lemon and ginger boast a number of benefits – inside and out.
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Stocking Up Before Baby: The Essentials List

Stocking Up for Baby: Our Essentials

Happy Monday, friends! Wow, what a weekend. I thought I was nesting before… but it reached a whole new level during week 37. Joe and I both cleaned from top to bottom on Saturday (he even organized outdoor equipment and did yard work). I watched a ton of YouTube cleaning videos for inspiration and motivation – I find that it always helps (one of my favorites here). As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also been dealing with some pregnancy insomnia and was up at 3AM on Sunday. I could not get back to sleep for the life of me, so I got up and reorganized the entire bathroom and all the closets in our house. I even ventured into the basement and put together a stockpile of things to get rid of to reduce clutter. I feel crazy, but it was so satisfying.

Aside from the crazy cleaning, we’ve also been stocking up slowly each week on pantry and household items to avoid running out of things anytime soon in the near future. I know I’ll want to be cozy at home with baby for a bit without having to run to the store. I mean sure, we may not get everything and will have to go out for a few things, but so much can be bought in bulk beforehand.

We have a ton of shelving space in our basement, which we designated to lots of extra canned good, paper goods, etc. I feel really good about it! Hey, anything that gives you extra peace of mind before such a huge life change, right?
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Inside My Minimalist Hospital Bag

Inside My Minimalist Hospital Bag

Just another month to go over here! But, I slowly began tossing items into my hospital bag a month or so ago. After watching countless hospital bag videos on YouTube and scouring all Mommy blogs, I finally think I have everything that I feel necessary for me. I tried to pack as light as possible (forgoing items that the hospital will provide) but I’ll have to do a recap once I actually see what I used and what I didn’t. Should be interesting!

Whether you are also an expecting mama, planning on having kids, or just interested or nosey, this post is for you. Just a quick peek into what I’ve been focusing on! This bag is only for mama and baby (dad’s will be his own situation).
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Inside My Diaper Bag (Pre-Baby)

A Look Inside My Diaper Bag (Pre-Baby)

Hi friends! I’ve been going crazy these last few weeks to make sure everything is in order before baby girl arrives. This included me packing up my diaper bag. I know she isn’t here yet, and this is more than likely going to change A TON as I get to know her and our new situation, but this is just a start.

I’m a huge fan of watching mommy vloggers on YouTube and reading blog posts, of course. I pulled a lot of inspiration and ideas from such sources… so I hope I am not too off base here. I labeled this post “pre-baby” because I definitely plan on following up after she arrives and once we find our new groove. I’m sure it will vary, and I am actually excited to see the differences. So anyways, I hope you at least find this helpful or interesting!

First, if any of you are wondering… I have the Hip Cub diaper bag, which I was gifted at my shower. I have no complaints! It’s sturdy, roomy, and pretty cute for a diaper bag. It fits everything with ease and isn’t too heavy on the shoulders. It also came with a changing pad insert and straps that can attach to my stroller.

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