At Home: Himalayan Salt Lamp + Candles

At Home: Himalayan Salt Lamp + Candles

If you know me personally or have been to my home, you know that I am pretty much obsessed with pink himalayan salt lamps, candles, and even the edible stuff. At my wedding, we had a candle on every table, and in my home, I have lamps in (almost) every room.

To be honest, I love them mostly because they add warmth and bring a gorgeous glow to the room – but, there are also benefits to these lamps (or so, it it claimed). I can’t say for certain that all of these are true, but I do know that they definitely have a calming effect – and that is enough for me. When I was going through a rough/stressful period in my life, I used to get up extra early, turn on my lamp, and just relax. It was and still is my favorite routine to start my day on the right note. When we are lounging at night (or even while I bulk cook on the weekends), I leave that thing running hot. There’s just something very comforting about it!
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Smoothie Superfoods

In My Smoothie: 6 Favorite Superfoods

Smoothies are my favorite way to pack in all the nutrients I can. Mainly, my go-to is chocolate peanut butter + banana, but I will usually try to sneak in something better than just that… whether a tbs of chia seeds or some flaxseed oil – and sometimes, spinach! I thought I’d share six of my favorite smoothie superfood add-ins with the health benefits that stick out to me. There’s plenty more, too. Research research research!

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Vegan Roasted Cabbage Recipe

Roasted Cabbage (+benefits)

As promised, simple, whole recipes. Roasted cabbage is one of my favorite snacks. I eat it alone, or mix in some grains and other roasted veggies for a hearty dinner. Aside from being easy to make and delicious, I would definitely consider cabbage to be a super food. It may not look like much, but don’t let that deceive you. I’ll share some star benefits after the recipe.

And one of the best things about cabbage? It is dirt cheap (like, 60 cents a lb cheap).

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Coconut Oil Uses Benefits

What To Do With Coconut Oil

hi there, coconuts ;)

Any other people out there obsessed with coconut oil? I grew up in an Italian household, so olive oil was always our oil of choice. Hey, it still is, usually… but I have definitely expanded my palate when I adopted a plant-based lifestyle. I started to experiment with different oils in both cooking and baking. Coconut oil definitely ranks near the top, and I have really learned to embrace its subtle, sweet taste. I think it adds a lot of depth to meals, and also has proved to be amazing as a beauty ingredient, too.

I use coconut oil in a lot of random ways in my life, so I wanted to share a few of my key coconut oil habits (as well as some health benefits). It’s important to shed light on products that you may not necessarily feel compelled to try. If you are not a coconut oil believer, maybe this can change your mind.
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Vegan Toasted Tempeh Recipe

Vegan Protein: Toasted Tempeh + benefits

Hi friends! I’m coming down from the high of the long weekend. It was the absolute best – from amazing food to the gorgeous weather… ahhh. Joe and I went to the beach, drank delicious iced coffee, tried a couple new restaurants, had good friends over for a cookout, watched fireworks, enjoyed a couple drinks on the porch while listening to the new blink album (which is to die for, by the way). We got a little crazy (well, maybe just me… blink excites me! Anddddd I couldn’t stop dancing and bopping around) and it was just so so much fun. It’s weekends like this that really make me stop and think about how incredible my life is. I’m so blessed, so grateful, and just so happy.

So now, back to work and back to some plant-based blogging ;)

Tempeh tempeh tempeh. Of all the meat/protein replacements out there, tempeh is always going to be my favorite. It’s a vegetarian or vegan’s best friend! Not just because of its yummy nutty flavor, but because it is so *so* good for your health.

Tempeh (pronounced tem-pay), is fermented soy beans. When I put it like that, it doesn’t sound too appetizing. But I promise that it’s not as weird as it sounds. It’s firm and chewy in consistency, and has a sweet nutty/earthy taste. When toasted with spices (like the recipe below), it is crunchy, flavorful, and an amazing source of protein. Just 1/2 cup of tempeh is only 160 calories and packs 15 grams of protein (more so than tofu!)

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ACV Tea Tree Toner DIY Recipe

ACV + Tea Tree Oil Toner

Hey everyone – I wanted to share my new favorite skin care product with you. It’s all-natural, homemade, and made with only 3 simple ingredients. I’m still in that in-between stage of tossing old yucky products and replacing them with new, natural, and vegan products. I found that DIYing most of my skin and hair care is the way to go. I can honestly say that my skin and hair has never felt or looked better.

I’ve already shared my Apple Cider Vinegar conditioning routine, so now I’m moving along to my new toner. Featuring, of course, ACV. I love you so so so so much, ACV. Even if you smell. Marry me.

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Fruits and Veggies Health Infographic

National Fruit & Veggies Month [infographic]

Professionally, I work as an Inbound Marketing Specialist at a small skin care company. I am fortunate enough to have a job that I enjoy! One of my favorite tasks is creating company infographics. I wanted to share my most recent infographic on here because it recognizes National Fruit & Veggies Month! Take a look at these 20 fruits and veggies that benefit your skin.

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Antioxidant Health Benefits

Eat Your Antioxidants

Everyone is always fussing about antioxidants and how great they are for your health. I am one of those people, because it’s true! I find myself thinking about antioxidants all the time, especially in the morning when I am whipping up a smoothie before work. I’ll toss in frozen strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and a tablespoon of cacao to jumpstart my day. Whether or not you are as crazy about antioxidants as I am, I think you will find it helpful to see what the buzz is all about. Here are just a few reasons why I am all about antioxidants.

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