10 Cheap Vegan Foods To Stock Up On

10 Cheap Vegan Foods To Stock Up On

Anyone who tries to tell you that eating vegan/vegetarian/plant-based is expensive is a liar. There, I said it. This is one of those myths that makes me so mad – I am not sure who started this, but it couldn’t be any further from the truth. Eating organic? Yes, that will be a bit more expensive than usual. Eating vegan? Nope.

To prove to you how cheap eating vegan is, I’ve compiled a list of 10 super cheap plant-based products. Truth be told, these items will make up a lot of your meals, anyways. Sure, you get creative and add spices, other veggies, etc., but still. Those on a budget will be able to afford the below (way cheaper than meat and cheese) and make awesome meals. And the best part – these are pantry staples, vegan or not. There’s nothing on this list that will be foreign or unfamiliar, promise!
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Money-Saving Tips to Prepare for Baby

How We’re Saving Money Before Baby

Ever since I can remember, I have always been a saver. I owe that all to my parents. They were both very clear about saving money and helped get me started when I was as young as maybe 10 or 12 years old. I got my first job when I was 13 and yes, I loved spending money on clothes and make-up and jewelry and movies and CDs like any other teen girl, but I was always equally as conscious about checking my balances and managing my checkbook. Yes, I still to this day use a checkbook, haha! My husband laughs at me and thinks I am crazy but whatever… I am old school like that and and it really helps keep me on track.

Needless to say, my money-saving and budgeting habits began to rub off on Joe (thankfully) and we’ve be even more conscious lately with baby girl on the way.

There are some days when I say to myself “oh we totally got this, it’s all gonna be great” and then some days when I wake up frazzled and freaking out over saving more more more. Life is going to drastically change and money will be tighter than ever – there is no doubt in my mind – but I am trying my best to focus on the good and know that everything will work out. We will find a way to make things work. We have to!

In an effort to save more money before September, I’ve been a lot more conscious of what we are buying, how we are buying, and non-essentials we can forgo. Whether you are also preparing for a major life change (that will affect your budget) or want to just save a little more, I hope some of these tips inspire you. These are just some of the personal ways we are saving here and there. Nothing too crazy, just things that have been working for us.

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Vegan on a Budget: Under $50 Shopping List for PriceRite

Vegan on a Budget: Under $50 Shopping List for PriceRite

More budget and money-saving tips! I love reading posts like this, so I hope you can appreciate.

In the past, I’ve shared my $50 vegan shopping list for Trader Joe’s. As we’re trying to save more and more for baby girl on the way, we’ve opted to buy more from PriceRite. Do you have a PriceRite near you? I believe it’s a New England (or maybe just upper East Coast?) chain but oh man, it is SO INEXPENSIVE AND CHEAP! And cheap does not mean poor quality in this case, because the fruit and veggies are awesome here, as well as other name brand products. One of the ways that PriceRite keeps it costs down is the fact that you need to bring your own bags, so don’t forget yours (if you do, they are only 10 cents a bag).

I’ve been so impressed with our shopping habits these days that I wanted to share what a week’s worth of vegan/plant-based food from PriceRite looks like for under $50. I hope it helps! I love having proof that eating vegan/plant-based does not mean expensive. You can still be frugal and eat like a queen (or king). ;)
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11 Baby Items to Buy While Thrifting

11 Baby Items to Buy While Thrifting

Another thrifting post! I can’t stop myself. A little over a month ago, there was a huuuuge consignment sale just 7 minutes from us. I found out that this happens twice a year (April and September) and it’s basically my new favorite thing to look forward to. Everything from clothes to toys to gear… on and on and on. I’ll admit – some things are questionable. I’m a cautious thrifter and only gravitate towards certain items (things that can be easily washed). But I made out well, and I’ll be visiting twice every year from here on out!

The volunteers were so sweet and the atmosphere was pleasant… prices low, clothes clean, and everything was just clean in general. I was so impressed.

And as usual the best part – save a little money, recycle beautiful items that have been gently used, and donate when you are done. I love it.

So, here are some of the items I recommend grabbing. These items are easy to wash, sterilize, and make your own. Once you do that, you’ll breathe new life into them and will forget you even bought secondhand!
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Vegan at Marshalls

Vegan Food at Marshalls


This is a pretty random/short/sweet post, but I wanted to just say how happy I am with the vegan/non-gmo snacks at Marshalls these days! Whenever I go in, I usually am looking for clothes/shoes, but make it a point to fnd the snack aisle and see what they are carrying. To be honest, I feel like they carry the brands that you would typically find in a VeganCuts subscription box – cool, right?

This is also dangerous for me, because then I am stocking up on snacks… oops.
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Vegan Budget Trader Joe's

Vegan on a Budget: $50 List for Trader Joe’s

hi hi hi :)

I’m super excited writing this right now, because I’m very much in a relationship with Trader Joe’s (seriously… what’s up with me and Joes?) Not only do they carry a wide variety of vegan products (or just cool products in general), but they are super affordable and budget-friendly, which is a necessary for us. We try to spend between $60-$80 per week in our household (about $30 or $40 per person for the week). We pack our own lunches, and only eat out on the weekends. It’s been working for us, and I really enjoy our routine.

For anyone who may be skeptic to this whole vegan/vegetarian shopping sitch, I’m here to tell you that the rumors are false. Eating vegan is not expensive, and it is much easier than it seems. So, I put together this list – $50 worth of veg-friendly food from Trader Joe’s that will get you through the week (or longer). I am basing this off of a household of 2, but you can adjust accordingly.

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Vegan at Ocean State Job Lot

Shopping Vegan at Ocean State Job Lot

If you live in New England, you are lucky enough to know of a special place called JOB LOT. It does not sound sexy at all, right? But oh, it so is.

Job Lot is a store that carries a whole lot of random stuff at a discounted price. From food to tools to patio furniture to clothes, rugs, pet items, sunglasses, pots, pans, gardening things, hair care, skin care… basically everything you can think of. We have a ton of them in RI, but recently a super Job Lot opened close to us (when I say super, I mean like… WAY BIGGER and much more organized than the Job Lot I was used to). Joe laughs and tells everyone I should be the spokesperson for them because I cannot say enough great things. Every time we go, I am in heaven. We went opening day of the new place… it’s like that. Anyways, who the hell knew that Job Lot offered SO MANY vegan options at such a low price?! I honestly can not believe how much I find there that is #1 cheaper than usual, and #2 rare! From a whole wall of coconut oil products to all the Beanitos’ flavors under the sun (for $2!)… it’s everything.

So naturally, as the unofficial spokesperson of Job Lot, I wanted to share some of the incredible vegan finds that I always pick up there.

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How to Live Rich on Budget

A Rich Life on a Budget

hi there pretty people :)

I think I’ll ramble about money today. Between finishing our basement, caring for the yard, and you know, wedding planning… we’ve been living on a tight budget. We both do very well for ourselves, but we’re still both pretty frugal when it comes to spending. I’ve always been a saver, and I have my parents to thank for that – they taught me well very early on and it has (literally) paid off.

So it seems like all we do is dish out money here and there these days, but I’m happy to say that the savings keep on growing, and we live a very full and happy life. We are not rich by any means, but figuratively… I’d say so. We’re so lucky to have what we have and be able to do the things we do. Blessed blessed blessed. How do we do it? There’s no magic formula and I am certainly not an expert, but I wanted to share some of our habits and tips. Who knows, they may inspire you to make subtle changes that add up. Either way, these are the things that make me feel like we live like a king and queen – no matter how small.

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