LUSH Vegan Haul

My LUSH Haul

Like most, I’m very much in love with LUSH products. Aside from their wide variety of products with great quality with amazing scents, they are also a mostly vegan and cruelty-free brand. It doesn’t get much better than that. Over time, I’ve tried a ton of their products – from hair care to bath bombs [!!] to face masks. They’ve all been a treat, but some of my favorite products are below. These are the products I can’t get enough of (except also the lettuce face mask, but I didn’t have it on hand). Just thought I would share and possibly inspire a few of you to give them a try.

If anything, just please grab the sleepy hand + body lotion when it is back in season (winter). It is what sweet dreams are made of.

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MALIN + GOETZ Shampoo Conditioner Vegan Review

Vegan Hair Care: MALIN + GOETZ

No word of a lie, the minute I lathered up and used this shampoo + conditioner in the hotel shower, I knew I would be writing this post. Do you ever have that happen to you? You try something and it is literally love at first use. Between the minty scent, the cool head-tingles, and the lightness of product… I was instantly sold. Also funny story, this brand was in our mini-moon hotel room after the wedding. We stayed at Forty 1 North in Newport (out of control amazing, by the way) and they supplied MALIN + GOETZ shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. I took all the samples I could, gushed about my newfound love to Joe 80% of the time, and then went home and ordered two huge bottles immediately. And now here I am, still gushing about it weeks and weeks later. I AM OBSESSED.

They do not test on animals and never plan on doing so [!!] and the majority of their products are vegan. According to their website, the only products that are not vegan are: Hair Pomade (has lanolin and beeswax), Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer and Vitamin B5 Hand Treatment (have honey), and (MALIN+GOETZ) Candles (have beeswax). You can find all this information on their website, so definitely go and browse. They have a ton of other products that I hope to try soon. Actually, a really cool thing that they do when you order directly from their website is allow you to choose 3 products to sample. I feel like all I wanna do is place orders to have ALL THE SAMPLES. This time around, I chose to sample: vitamin e face moisturizer, detox face mask, and clarifying clay mask. I love face masks, can you tell?

Another plus – all products are made in the USA! Love that.

Okay – so now that I have gushed on and on, let me talk about the actual shampoo and conditioner.
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My Cruelty-Free Make-Up Routine

My Kind + Cruelty-Free Make-Up Routine

Hi, kind friends :)

Over the last few years, I have replaced my entire beauty drawer with cruelty-free products. It’s a much kinder way to shop. We’ve explained what cruelty-free means in the past, but just to refresh: cruelty-free means that the product has not been tested on animals. Animal-testing is an eye-opening industry, and I encourage you to take a second and educate yourself on these inhumane practices. You won’t like what you find, but that is why you need to look.

So, without getting too into the ethics of it, I wanted to share my morning beauty routine with you guys. A lot of you wonder if it is expensive to shop cruelty-free, and that answer is absolutely not. I buy most of these products at Target, to be honest. Even the more expensive products are of great quality and last almost up to a year. I promise, it is very affordable.

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Cruelty-Free Hair Products

Cruelty-Free Hair Care

I know that I have talked about my hair care in a few other posts before – HERE and HERE. The last I wrote about it, I was in a relationship with ACV as conditioner. I’ve made some changes since then, and wanted to share some of my current fave hair products. Changing my beauty supplies over to cruelty-free took some time, but it is very easy – especially if you are a Target shopper (aren’t we all?)
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Buffy Vampire Slayer Nails

Cruelty-Free Nails: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I can’t stop putting these cruelty-free nail collections to save my life. They’re so fun to make, and I watch waaaaay too much television. Any Buffy fans out there?

Yeah, you know you can’t resist that Spike charm. Sorry to any Angel fans out there… SPIKE ALL THE WAY. There’s even this amazing in-depth comparison/argument of why Spike was the better vampire for Buffy. It sums up everything I couldn’t say.


OH, and also: Andrew. LOL <3


Anyways, let’s have some fun and pretend this is a real collection… because *swoooon*
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Natural Skin Hair Regimen

Bianca’s Natural Skin & Hair Regimen

If there were one thing my mom was going to drive into my head while growing up, it was to always wash my make-up off before going to bed. No matter how tired I was, or how late, or how little make-up I was wearing (if any!) – WASH. YOUR. FACE.

It’s one of those things that stuck with me all my life, and it is so important to me. I truly believe my skin is as healthy as it is because of this healthy habit that I had drilled into my brain since I was in Jr. High school.
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Breaking Bad Nails

Cruelty-Free Nails: Breaking Bad Edition

I’m having way too much fun with these nail posts in relation to my favorite television series. So, let’s just keep on going! Any other Breaking Bad fans out there? It’s literally one of the greatest television series of all time.


Yeah, I rest my case. So I took a trip down episode lane and put together the cruelty-free Breaking Bad “line”.

NOTE: These are not the real names of the polishes – this is just for fun!

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Best Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products

The BEST Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products

Yeah, I said best. Okay, so they are the best in my eyes, but still… the best. Sara shared a round-up of her favorite cruelty-free cleaning products a few weeks back, and now it’s my turn. Because as she so awesomely pointed out, we are insane. We’re like two 80-year olds who have nothing better to do than wipe down counters and then walk around smelling the damn house as their scents waft through the air.

Yeah, it’s like that for us. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Seinfeld Nails - The Friendly Fig

Cruelty Free Nails: Seinfeld Edition

Man hands and Bubble Boys and invitations, oh my! So. many. possibilities. here.

Not familiar with what we’re doing here? Well, please meet your favorite moments from your favorite TV shows, morphed into color form. That’s right…we set them to nail colors for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to visit other shows we’ve covered, and holler at us with future requests. So far, we’ve got Friends, The OfficeGilmore Girls, and The Walking Dead.

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Star Wars Nails

May the Fourth Be With You: Star Wars Nails

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU, from one hell of a Star Wars geek. In case you were not aware, the Star Wars films are my favorite favorite favorite movies of all time. Well, the original three, anyways. Luke Skywalker was my first boyfriend – I was probably about 6-7 years old. I had the posters, the sheets, a pillowcase with Luke’s face on it (and Leia on the other side… which I never turned over). You can say my Dad really brought me up well!! 20 years later, I have a car named Leia and still go ga-ga over all things Star Wars. Everyone knows, and it’s awesome.

I heavily celebrate today as Star Wars Day, and that means we have a Star Wars theme for our cruelty-free nails feature!
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