Vegan Chocolate Bark Recipe

Let’s Go Nuts Bark [v.]

Ever since I made that superfood cacao bark, dark chocolate drops are my new thing. I find myself making some kind of combo at least once per month because 1) they are easy, and 2) they keep really well in the freezer. I have a lot of chocolate cravings, so this is my solution.

I had a shit ton of nuts in the house, soooo… I went nuts.

Dark chocolate and cacao = superfood status. Mixed nuts = protein and healthy fats. Oh, and chia. Chia is always a good choice. You really can’t feel that guilty when you’re noshing on this. Unless you eat the entire fucking tray.

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Vegan Nutella Ice Cream Recipe

“Nutella” Chip Nice Cream [dairy-free]

A few months ago, I made these Nutella Chip Cookies using my favorite brand of vegan cocoa hazelnut spread by Endangered Species Chocolate. With my head still stuck in this jar, I decided to add it to ice cream… because, you know… I can’t just eat it all with a spoon. LOL jk, yes I can.

Anyways, this dairy-free ice cream is made with bananas. It’s wonderful.

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Vegan Salted Nutella Cookie Recipe

Salted Nutella Chip Cookies

I love cookies. I LOVE THEM!!! I used to be more of a cupcake girl back in the day, but lately I have been on a cookie craze. Aside from my favorite pistachio, sea salt, and dark chocolate chip cookie… these Nutella ones are a very close second. Except there is no Nutella in these – but Cocoa Hazelnut spread by Endangered Species Chocolate.

Who are they? Oh, only the kindest, most delicious chocolate brand in the universe. I recently wrote about them on the blog, and they sent me a surprise package filled to the brim with samples – their cocoa spreads included.

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Chocolate Chip Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

Chocolate Chip & Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich [v.]

Why choose one cookie when you can have two? That was my train of thought when I was absolutely craaaaving an ice cream sandwich. There’s nothing better in the summer than dripping ice cream… chocolate smeared all over the sides of your mouth… warm cookie… oh yeah. Just the mental image as I am typing this is turning me on. I mean, what? Uhhhhhhh.

im out of control

This ice cream sandwich is made with nana ice cream, obviously. I’d like to say (and think) it’s healthy because of this, but I mean, there’s like 5 oreos in one serving of it. So there’s that. But at least it’s not made with heavy cream, right? Just say “right,” because this makes me feel better.

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Vegan Banana Ice Cream Cake

Bananaberry Ice Cream Cake [v.]

Anyone else a fan of a big ass ice cream cake, loaded with goodness and dripping with chocolate sauce? Yeah, I thought so. I decided to tackle a bananaberry ice cream cake, because hello… nana ice cream is great and all, but imagine it in CAKE form?! It looks intimidating, but I assure you… a 2-year old could make this. The recipe is fool-proof and requires minimal time and effort.

Recipe adapted and modified from the wonderful Emily of This Rawsome Vegan Life.
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Vegan Donut Recipes

National Donut Day: 50 Vegan Donuts Round-Up

NATIONAL DONUT DAY?! Celebrate celebrate celebrate, you must! There’s nothing better than indulging in a shit ton of donuts. Right? Thought so. Soooo… we’re rounding up all our favorite vegan donut recipes for you guys. Sorry for making you salivate, but come on. Vegan donuts. Grab yourself a donut pan and let’s get to it.

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Fresh Fruit Lemonade Popsicle Recipe

Fresh Fruit Lemonade Pops

Fresh fruit and lemonade on a hot summer day is probably the best combination since PB&J in the schoolyard. It’s just as heavenly as it gets, people. And it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t point out how pretty they are. Pretty food makes me happy – as long as it tastes good, too. Thankfully, these are the real deal.

If you have kids, these will be a household staple. And if you don’t have kids, well, they will still be a household staple. Also – warning: there is definitely sugar in these. I know, I want to be healthier too and omit sugar, but have you ever had lemon juice without sugar? Woof. I used raw sugar, but please leave suggestions in the comments. Would love some alternatives for next time! Okay, onto the three recipes…

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Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Popsicle

Peanut Butter & Banana Fudgsicles

Who in the hell doesn’t enjoy a fudgsicle? It’s a fucking fudgsicle for crying out loud!! Instead of eating those crazy sugary ones from Stop and Shop (or sugar-free, because… let’s face it – sugar free is a chemical disaster), make your own! All you need: popsicle molds and four healthy ingredients. Seriously… that’s it. And they are better than you could ever imagine – perfect consistency and super fudge-y. I’ll be making these all summer [read: eating these every damn day].

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