Cacao Coffee Drink

Wake Me Up Cacao Mixer

I’ve never been a huge coffee drinker. I do love love love myself a good soy latte, but I’m pretty picky, so I probably have one maybe… twice a month? Not a fan of Dunkin [sorry, guys!] but I will occasionally grab an iced coffee from local shops with the good stuff. The only time I really start to crave an iced coffee is when the weather around here warms up! Another exception? Some mornings you just need that extra kick. Especially on rainy Fridays when you are just praaaaaying for that weekend. Enter: the cacao mixer.

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Golden Milk Recipe Vegan

Golden Cashew Milk + benefits

Golden milk – you heard of it, gf? My Mom was visiting my sister in LA and sent me a photo of a “golden latte”. I was so envious and intrigued, that I got right to it. Okay, so I don’t have an espresso machine but it is probably healthier this way, anyways! The key ingredient to this gorgeous gold in a glass beverage: turmeric.
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Layered Smoothie

Smoothie Life is the Best Life

Smoothie life is the best life – right? I’d love to see who agrees with me ;) I made this over the weekend as my post-workout breakfast. I kept telling myself throughout the whole thing, “just hurry and finish this and then you can inhale a pretty smoothie…” It worked, and now I have to share it. Too damn gorgeous not to! Continue reading