Vegan Boba Smoothie Recipe

Star Wars Smoothie Series: The Boba Fett

In college, we had this place called “Bubble Tea Time” on campus. The first time I had bubble tea (aka boba), I was kind of weirded out. What the hell were these things at the bottom of my drink? One after the other… chew chew chew.

Boba balls are tapioca pearls, derived from the starch of the cassava root. Once they are cooked, they have a chewy consistency. Sounds so weird, right? Yeah… but Lord, are they addictive. Every once in a while, I would treat myself to a boba smoothie on campus until the place went out of business. GAH. So I took matters into my own hands and ordered some boba for myself (along with boba-esque straws). It is surprisingly suuuuper easy to make, and it’s an awesome treat every once in a while.

Oh, and hello – Boba Fett for my Star Wars Smoothie Series.
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Pineapple Mango Vegan Smoothie

Mini Pineapple & Mango Smoothie

I bought these mini pineapples for the cost of… basically an arm and leg. Ha – but seriously, so expensive! They cost more than a regular pineapple. But I obviously had to have it…

And then I opened it and had barely any pineapple meat, so I scooped it all out and made a quick smoothie out of it.

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Cacao Coffee Drink

Wake Me Up Cacao Mixer

I’ve never been a huge coffee drinker. I do love love love myself a good soy latte, but I’m pretty picky, so I probably have one maybe… twice a month? Not a fan of Dunkin [sorry, guys!] but I will occasionally grab an iced coffee from local shops with the good stuff. The only time I really start to crave an iced coffee is when the weather around here warms up! Another exception? Some mornings you just need that extra kick. Especially on rainy Fridays when you are just praaaaaying for that weekend. Enter: the cacao mixer.

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