Green Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping Holiday Gifts the Green Way

Grandma wrapped your gifts in newspaper, again? Honestly… Gram is onto something! Did you know that if every American family wrapped just 3 presents in re-used materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields? That’s a ton of precious paper, and waste. Instead of contributing to this statistic, I think it’s time to break out the good ‘ol fashioned newspaper. You know, the thing that no one reads anymore? Fine, we can use the internet and Twitter for news, but let’s dub newspaper our new favorite wrapping paper. Or hey, how about paper bags? Seriously. There’s a ton of options here, people.

It’s eco-friendly, free, and if done right, elegant as fuck. Didn’t think the Comics section could look nice under the tree? Pfft, think again.

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Vegan Snowflake Cake

Remember these bad boys?


I know you do, because who doesn’t? These things were life. If you weren’t aware already, I have a serious marshmallow addiction. I know how horrible marshmallows are for you, but everyone has their vice, right? So these things were right up my alley, and still are. Except NOT VEGAN. UGH. Instead of wallowing in misery, I decided to tackle my own version. And since I didn’t have a snowball-shaped pan and could only find a snowflake mold, I’ve also altered the name. Introducing the Vegan Snowflake Cake.
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Cruelty-Free Stocking Stuffers

Cruelty-Free Stocking Stuffers

Just a few days ago, I put together a Holiday Gift Guide for the vegan in your life. This week, how about them stocking stuffers?! If you’re anything like me, your obsessed with this concept. Trinkets, knick-knacks, whatever-the-hell shouldn’t be put into a box… love it. And to whoever gets this exact stocking that I have put together… well damn. That person REALLY loves you. Now let’s get to shopping…

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Vegan Italian Anise Cookie Recipe

Vegan Italian Anise Cookies

Time to bust out the Italian in me and share a family recipe! Anise is probably one of my all-time favorite flavorings. It’s so bold, and it reminds me of my childhood. Scents and tastes that bring on the nostalgia – can’t get enough of it! These cookies are the perfect addition to your vegan cookie tray, and they are easy to make.

Do I ever post a recipe that’s not easy? I like simple. Simple is good.
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Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

Is there anything better than gingerbread men around the holidays? It really wouldn’t be Christmas without them! My bro and I have a tradition to make them and decorate together each year. Some years we go crazy with the colors and sprinkles, because life is just better when it’s messy and bold. This year, we kept it simple. I adapted this recipe from Minimalist Baker, because God, their recipes are sexy.

Oh, and if you are planning on taking these bad boys to a party tonight, here is your warning: You must freeze batter at LEAST an hour before using your cutters and baking! I actually left mine overnight, so there… now you know. Proceed.
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Holiday Wish List

Sara’s Holiday Wish List

Attention, attention. Buy me these things. Thanks. (Just kidding. This is a wish list and most of these things are way out of my price range / the price ranges of everyone I know because I do not know any movie stars. Unfortunately. Matthew Gray Gubler, where are you when I need you?!) Let’s just jump right into the good stuff… Continue reading

Snickerdoodles - The Friendly Fig

Chai Spice Snickerdoodle Cookies

Nothing says “I love you” or “thanks for being a good neighbor and never calling the cops on us” like homemade cookies. Hell, nothing says CHRISTMAS like homemade cookies. From scratch, flour on your face, batter on your fingers and a heavenly aroma in the air. Let’s do it.

Today, I bring you Chai Spice Snickerdoodles. What could be cozier than a warm cookie based off of a warm drink? You gotta try this recipe, which is a play off of this one. I added crushed peppermint in the topping because, Christmas. Make these. Delight people. Delight your damn self.

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