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Lazy Dinner: Falafel Salad

hiiiii guys :)

It’s 6:33 am – I’m listening to Modest Mouse on low, and Minnie is hanging next to me. I loveeeee these early morning moments before the hustle of the day.

This is a super easy idea… not even a recipe. It’s for all those nights when you come home and just cannot lift a finger for dinner. I mean, you’ll have to do some stuff, but it’s no big ordeal. I love dinners like this, especially in the summer, because I don’t like to cook in the heat. Once October comes, I’ll be making vats of soup and cooking in bulk every weekend (weeee!) but for now, fast falafel salad works.

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Loaded & Sweet Baked Potato (+ Sugar-Free Update!)

Hello! Time for a sans sugar update!

I am doing so well with this (really happy and surprised by it, actually). I’ve been sleeping great, have noticed an improvement in my skin (which is huuuuge because it has been so humid here), and my cravings have noticeably subsided. To be honest, I have been really enjoying the frozen grapes before bed and have been happy with it. Not as much of a struggle as I initially thought. And…

I totally cheated. Joe and I were strolling Newport recently and he wanted Ben & Jerry’s. I mean… they have the non-dairy peanut butter and oreo ice cream so I thought, hey… I am not perfect. This is my life, and I want to enjoy some ice cream while we stroll. No big deal. So I grabbed a small cup – and I could barely finish it! It tasted overly sweet (which is really unlike me to notice) and I felt like I could have done without it. Again – very unlike me. I think I’d chalk that up as a win. It was nice to indulge, but it was also nice to realize that my tastebuds have adjusted really well. The less I crave sugar, the better.

Also, an update on iced coffee. If you’ve stuck around here, you know I enjoyed 1-2 raw sugar packets in my soy coffee or lattes. I started asking for no sugar, extra soy/almond milk. It was a little adjustment at first but I am really starting to enjoy it much more. It’s creamier and I can actually enjoy the natural flavor of coffee. I don’t think I will go back to adding sugar to my coffee… I feel like it would be way too sweet now. I do hope I don’t have to always ask for extra milk, but hey… baby steps. I am very very happy with this.

Anyways! I wanted to share a quick and easy recipe that I’ve been making like crazy. I shared this picture on my instagram a bit ago and it got crazy likes… so why not share the actual recipe? It’s way too good not to… plus, it take under 10 minutes.

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Freekeh Coconut Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Freekeh + Coconut Roasted Veggies

Hi friends :)

Remember a few weeks ago when I was ranting and raving about coconut oil? Yup, still on a total kick. My latest obsession is to roast vegetables with it vs. olive oil. I know, it’s some kind of sin to not use olive oil as an Italian, but I can’t help myself. Coconut has that subtle sweetness and cozy flavor to it. It roasts so well!

This is a really simple recipe, and it has become a staple in our house. Basically, freekeh in general is now a staple. I can’t stop eating it to save my life. If you show up at any given moment, I probably have leftovers in my fridge. I love making a huge batch and having it on hand all throughout the week. I especially love eating it for breakfast. Weird, right? It’s totally cool.

So, here’s a typical recipe… but it’s far from typical. It’s actually magical.
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Spicy Lentil Bean Mash Vegan Recipe

Spicy Lentil Kidney Bean Mash Comfort Bowl

hi guys :)

I can’t even express how happy I am with blogging lately. I’ve been in such a groove, and have been more excited than ever to share what’s been going on. I hope you’ve been liking the content, and enjoying the variety. Let me know how you’ve been liking it, and tell me if there is anything you’d love to see on here. The feedback would be awesome ;)

So. Comfort food. We all need it. While mashed potatoes is my usual go-to, I’ve found that basically mashing anything with flavor will do it for me. Like this recipe.

Now, before you pass this off as a pile of mush, give it a chance. It’s one of the most flavorful bean recipes that I have ever made. I cannot get enough of it. I eat it plain, with a wrap, in a taco, in a quesadilla, mixed with rice… basically any which way. I like to make a large batch (the recipe below definitely makes at least 5-6 servings) and have it all week. Leftovers are versatile, you just have to get creative!

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Sweet Earth Natural Foods Review

Sweet Earth Natural Foods Review: Frozen Entrees

hi guys :)

I’m sure by now you know that I always prefer to cook from scratch. I make dinner on weekdays, and typically pack my own lunch for work. However, I do keep a couple frozen meals (entrees, veggie patties, vegetable potstickers, etc) on hand. Every once in a while (like once a month maybe) I will walk in the door after a super long day at work and just want to crash on the couch in my pajamas – no cooking whatsoever. It’s those days where pre-packaged meals are my bff.

I was super thrilled when Sweet Earth Natural Foods reached out to me and asked if I would like to sample and review their frozen entrees. They’ve recently hit shelves in Target, which is convenient and exciting. More plant-based options – always a win! I decided to review the General Tso’s Tofu dish.

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Vegan Chipotle Chickpea Salad Recipe

Chipotle Chickpea Salad

Hi guys! Just finished cleaning up after this dinner, and had to come here and share this recipe immediately. It was one of those days where work was so busy, the day flew by and I am mentally exhausted. I came home and didn’t feel like using pots or pans, so I just dumped a bunch of ingredients in a bowl and mashed away. This end result was incredible – so incredible, that I am mustering up some energy to actually write this post before I forget what I put in this chickpea salad – ha!

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Tomato White Bean Salad

Cherry Tomato, Avo & White Bean Salad

I’ve been on a salad kick lately… girlfriend is trying to get that bikini body [minus the I’m-only-drinking-this-lemon-and-cayenne-pepper-water-for-days-and-fucking-starving ordeal].

A big ass salad packed with nutrients is exactly what the doctor ordered, for real. The beans are packed with protein and fiber, keeping you fuller, longer. The avocado is full of omega-3s and healthy fats (and the olive oil!). The tomatoes add that sweetness that the dish needs… it is perfect. One of my favorite quick salad recipes!
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Vegetable Noodles Recipe

Lazy Dinner: Voodles

Just another lazy dinner for your lazy ass. And mine, too. Have I mentioned that my spiralizer is my bff?

There is really nothing better than coming home after a busy day and making a dinner that takes all of 10 minutes. I mean honestly, our lives are busy! Well, most of the time. Sometimes it is nice simply because you want to hurry up and get back to your Friends marathon on Netflix. #GuiltyAsCharged

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