Rhode Island Coffee Spots

Coffee Hot Spots in RI

good morning :)

Let’s talk coffee. I never wanted anything to do with coffee until sophomore year of college. Surprisingly, it wasn’t because I was too tired or pulling all-nighters… it was because sipping coffee in a lecture hall somehow made the class go by faster. Maybe it’s because I had something else to do aside from listen? I have no idea, but… it helped. I would grab my iced blueberry at Bagelz on campus and be good to go.

Since then, I’ve become a coffee feen. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning is grab coffee with Joe at our favorite shop and walk around town. It’s perfect. I mean… look…
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Rhode Island Vegan Restaurant Guide

Rhode Island Love: Vegan Restaurant Guide

For being the smallest state, Rhode Island has a ton of veg-friendly restaurants. I’m not sure what I would do without these places – it would be salad and fries for me all the time. Wompwomp.

Instead, I am kinda like the #17 GIF from our Vegan GIF post. Or like this:


Or this.


Okay, let’s move onto the restaurants now.

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The Vegan Traveler

The Vegan Traveler: Tips & Tricks

Maintaining a vegan diet is easy when you’re at home. You have your own pantry, fridge and favorite kitchen gadgets to work with. But when you’re traveling, your options are much more limited. Luckily, with a little research and a willingness to wander off the beaten path, you can stick to your plan and still have an excellent trip! Continue reading