Sara’s Top 5 Blog Recommendations

Both Bianca and I have endless lists of blogs that we read regularly and that inspire us daily. Check them out and share the love!


#1: How Sweet Eats. Jessica is hilarious. And the girl is on fire. Her cookbook, “Seriously Delish,” was released on Tuesday. She’s currently on a whirlwind book tour. Oh, and she’s also doing this all while pregnant. She’s a rockstar. Her blog is not a vegan blog, but many of the recipes can easily be altered. Oh, and did I mention she lives near me and every time I’m at our shared favorite grocery store I look for her because I just need to meet her and be her friend? I’m a creep. I hope she reads this.

Recommended post: Roasted Chickpeas


#2: Skinnytaste. This is the blog that taught me that healthy food doesn’t have to just be salad and carrots. Again, not a vegan blog, but you can certainly make substitutions. Gina takes delicious recipes and lightens them up. Everything is good but her baked goods recipes are incredible. And if you use a Crock-Pot, she has tons of easy recipes for that!

Recommended post: Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies (Seriously, better than regular.)

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#3: Cookie and Kate. These recipes, guys. These recipes are to die for. Every last one of them. They’re all vegetarian and most can easily be made vegan. I have never had a recipe from this blog turn out badly. Kate is the chef, while Cookie is the pup that catches the crumbs. You have to go meet her right now.

Recommended post: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos with Avocado-Pepita Dip


#4: Half Baked HarvestJust look at the photography here, okay? I’m dying. Tieghan has been cooking since she was 15 and now cooks for a house full of siblings.

Recommended post: Non-Fried Spring Rolls with Avocado and Vietnamese Chicken (Omit the chicken and you’re golden.)

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#5: Penny Pincher Fashion. Let’s move away from food for a bit and talk about fashion. I love clothes. But more than that, I love a good deal. You know those affordable fashion features in magazines where they say a $100 pair of jeans is “cheap.” Please. Do you know how many cardigans I could get on clearance at Target for that?! Enter Kimberly. She understands real affordability. Every day, she updates a list of current sales so you can always get the best deal. Plus, she once wrote a blog post just for me about affordable fall boots when I had almost given up on finding the perfect pair after months on the hunt. What more do you need?

Recommended post: Any of her 20 Under $20 posts

How can I stop at five? I have tons more so check back for those in a future post. I hope you find some new inspiration here! xo Sara


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