September Style Inspiration

September Style

We’re pretty excited to kick off a new feature on The Friendly Fig! We like to think that we both have a flare for fashion (and hope that you will agree with us), so we going to start sharing our “typical” monthly style. Polyvore is an amazing website that allows you to create collages of your favorite pieces, from fashion to art. This site is basically a breeding ground for creativity and inspiration.

While Sara and myself have similar tastes, we definitely have our style differences. We’re excited to share that piece of ourselves with you, and hope you find some inspiration in what we put together!

Bianca’s Style

polyvore set
I have to be honest… I am not really sure what you would categorize my style as. It’s some sort of hybrid between casual, boho, and comfort. I love nothing more than a good pair of jeans and a baseball tee (in a rich, seasonal color, of course). The deep red and purple top is gorgeous paired with the gold and turquoise accents. You will soon come to see just how in-love I am with gold and turquoise!

I live in Vans sneaks, and I just recently purchased this neutral color for the fall season. Slap on some cruelty-free Tarte lipstick, a pair of black sunnies, a dark OPI color, and I am ready to go. Oh, and my over-the-shoulder [fake] camel-skin bag. I can’t forget that. xx

Sara’s Style

sara sept
For me, September is all about transitions. The kids are going back to school, the leaves are changing, sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s chilly. It was 98 degrees this past Saturday, and on Monday morning it was 50 when I walked to my car before work. So I always try to make sure my outfits are flexible. Start with a dress, and add sandals for a hot day or a jean jacket for the cool mornings. Boots and a scarf for the really chilly days – or just an over air-conditioned office. Oh, and can’t forget my sunnies and sunblock. Just because it’s getting cooler doesn’t mean you can stop protecting your skin! This one from Jason is cruelty-free.

Note: We’re using Polyvore to put together what our “typical” style would be, which means a few things: No, we do not shop at expensive retail stores. We’re H&M girls, and Target is not below us. We’ll never pass up a good bargain. But hey, let’s have some fun. Girls can dream, right? On a similar note, we prefer to shop cruelty-free. In most cases, we may not be checking the accuracy of this. Please keep this in mind when you are admiring our individual styles. Thanks! <3