Share & Swap: A Lazy Girl Goes Green

I spent some time getting to know Miss Trudi – and she is freaking wonderful! She is the creator of A Lazy Girl Goes Green, and has a lot to share with us about sustainability and how to minimize your impact on our beautiful planet. I think we could all use some green tips… so, I’m just going to let her take it away!

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The Interview

Bianca: Tell us a little about your blog and how/why you started.
Trudi: A Lazy Girl Goes Green is a green living blog for anyone who wants to live healthier, more sustainable lives, but feel they’re too busy or lazy to get going! As someone who isn’t green fingered, crafty or talented with a sewing needle, I started A Lazy Girl Goes green to prove that sustainability doesn’t have to involve lots of time and effort. It’s about small changes which can actually save time, money and the planet!

Though I’m a passionate vegan, I have purposely tried not to make it a “vegan blog” as I want to welcome absolutely anyone to add in their thoughts and ideas. I do a weekly vegan recipe, but it’s cool if you’re not a vegan too; you might still find them tasty!

B: Who or what inspires you?
T: I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and am lucky enough to have absolutely stunning landscapes right on my doorstep. Every day I’m inspired by the rugged North Cornwall coasts, enchanted woodlands and wild moors which surround me.

Every time I need an energy boost, or need to remind myself what life’s all about, I get my walking shoes on and go exploring! It’s the best way to clear your mind, connect with the world and remind yourself that we are part of something much bigger and beautiful than we will ever understand!

B: What is your favorite vegan dish to make?
T: I must admit I’m a massive Thai curry fiend; I could literally have it three meals a day, every day. In fact, when I’m older and wiser – and don’t care about social norms and weight gain – I might just do that! I love the freshness of Thai food and the balance between sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. And if you’re organised enough to make up a batch of curry paste in advance, it’s literally one of the easiest things to throw together. Just add whatever veg you have to hand or tin of chickpeas and hey preto!

B: What are three tips you would share to someone who is looking live a more sustainable lifestyle?
T: 1. Take baby steps and make the easy switches first. Swapping your shampoo to a more ethical brand or reducing the amount of plastic you buy won’t cost too much time or effort, but will lead to bigger habit changes later without you even noticing!

2. Do things which suit your interests and talents, that way they’ll be easier to stick at. For me, Veganism was easy because I’m such a massive foodie and love cooking. I’m terrible at gardening so I leave that to the experts!

3. Relax and have fun with it! Whilst some of the issues surrounding sustainability are serious, going green is all about discovery, experimentation and enjoying the process.

B: What are some good “green” resources?
T: I’d say the best green resources are right under your nose, it’s everything that’s local to you! Buying fruit and veg from a local farm shop, swapping and borrowing from neighbours, and holidaying in local hidden gems are some of the best ways to live green and make the most of the resources around you.


5 Fast Facts About Trudi!

Spirit Animal: Definitely a cat. I love how they balance days relaxing and sleeping cuddled up on the sofa with nights out exploring and going on mini adventures. They also have an enviable, uncompromising attitude to their freedom. They’ll hang out with us, but that’s their choice not their duty!

Current Playlist: Usually I listen to quite a lot of heavy metal and grunge music, I often joke I’m still living in the 90s! But more recently I’m trying to relax more and switch off once and a while. So my current playlist consists of a lot of yoga and meditation music, encouraging me to light some incense, step away from my computer and RELAX!

My Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is totally my movie. When I first watched it I had blue hair and was convinced Clementine was based on me. I can really emphasise with her character (the good and the bad) and love the way Michel Gondry twists reality.

Vacation Spot: I’m very fortunate that my grandparents live in a 17th century chateau in the South of France, where I spent most of my childhood holidays. The highlight of my trips, however, was cycling up to the hills surrounding the Chateau, and lying up the sunflower fields in the warm French sun….bliss!

Childhood Hero: Linda Perry. I loved how strong and confident she came across, she never apologised for who she was. “whats up” by Four Non Blondes was (and still is) my ultimate favourite song.

If you want to follow Trudi along, please visit her on her social channels: Facebook / Google+ / Twitter.


Thank you so much for allowing us to share your story, Trudi. We love your site and tips! If everyone went a little “greener,” the world would be a better place.

Are you guys enjoying our share & swap feature? I’m having a grande ‘ol time getting to know all these lovely humans :) xx Bianca