Vegan Clothing Brands

8 Vegan Clothing & Accessory Brands

Let’s face it – it can be tough to fill up your closet with vegan pieces. I’ll be the first to admit that it is frustrating! With a few requests sprinkling in here and there, I wanted to write a post to promote a few vegan clothing brands. Prices vary, of course, so please keep that in mind. Wearing vegan clothing is not always as cheap as we would like it to be – but it is for a great cause. <3

#1: Alternative Outfitters. This online vegan boutique is the most affordable on this list. From tees to bags to shoes… they have some great options for both men and women!

#2: Moo Shoes. Men & women shoes, bags, wallets, belts… plenty of accessories to choose from! They can be pretty pricey, but you could snag a good sale price! Keep an eye out.

#3: Strange Vixens. In the words of the company, “Strange Vixens Inc. is a world of fem fatale.” You’ll find bathing suits, lingerie, everyday apparel, and fancy wear!

#4: The Vegan Store. From clothing to beauty to gifts and candles… the vegan store has a wide variety of options. Take a look for yourself!

#5: Matt & Nat. Their motto is “live beautifully,” so you know you found a friend in Matt & Nat! They offer vegan bags and accessories for men and women.

#6: Vaute Couture. This place is on the high end of fashion & prices, but hey… it is vegan! They cater to men, women, children, and pets. For deals, check out their sale section.

#7: Doctor Couture. This California-based company is 100% cruelty-free and focuses on the needs of men, women, children, and even pets! They are pretty affordable, too.

#8: Vegan Chic. This vegan store is great for shoes, accessories, and bags.

For an entire list of cruelty-free, vegan clothing brands… all hail the PETA list. Of course, there are also plenty of everyday brands out there that carry cruelty-free pieces, including Free People and H&M. The key to finding affordable vegan fashion is to do your research, and certainly do not get discouraged.

Happy, kind shopping! xx Bianca


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    • You are so welcome, Tashina! And thank you for sharing it on Twitter :) It helps me to do the research, too!

      I hadn’t heard of Matt & Nat before, but now I am dreaming of a bag for Christmas <3

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