The Walking Dead Playlist

The Walking Dead Playlist

Ready for more Walking Dead? Yup, me too. So, I made this playlist to get me through the day! *SPOILERS* in post.

Seriously, where the hell is Beth? Why is Daryl acting so strange? Who is WITH him? I don’t think it’s Carol!! UGH, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF ALL: WHEN WILL #CARYL HAPPEN? There is so much going on, it is such a stressful season. Last week, I literally SCREECHED when Rick took care of the Termites. Poor freaking Bob, though – he really grew on me.

Everything else aside… the best part of the episode?

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.05.16 PM

Yup. The look that came across her face gave me CHILLS, PEOPLE. Gahh!! So much to be excited for tonight. Any thought on who is with Daryl?

Okay, now…here’s the playlist. Much of this is pretty self explanatory, especially the songs that are featured on the actual soundtrack. The one song I chose that really stuck out to me is Look After You, by the Fray. I think of this as a song for Carol & Daryl, because seriously… he takes care of my girl Carol. However, it could be used for any relationship, really! It’s perfect, because these people always have eachother’s backs <3 *gah* I am sappy. Okay, enjoy!


Oh, and seriously… predictions below, please! xx Bianca