How to Drink Less Soda

So Long, Soda

Sweet, sweet soda. It’s wonderful after a night on the town and as an add-on at the checkout counter at Target. But it’s not-so-wonderful for you…and this is a cold, hard truth I’m finally ready to face.*

We’ve all heard the health buzz: no nutritional value, contains weird dyes that do weird things to your body, boosts blood pressure, may even lead to obesity, diabetes and cancer. And diet soda’s no better. Artificial sweeteners are shown to increase appetite and throw off the metabolism.

If weight loss is your goal and switching to diet soda is your game plan, consider this: people who drink diet soda tend to be heavier, according to Dr. Mary Ann McLaughlin, a medical director at Mount Sinai Hospital. What the what???

It’s one thing to read the headlines, but another to live a negative effect for yourself. For me, it was a few really scary-looking cavities. I asked the dentist to show me what they looked like. I wanted to own it. So, after he drilled out the teeth and before filling them up, they looked a lil something like this. Minus the angry monster, who is there for added drama:


Doesn’t exactly scream sex appeal, amiright? My direct quote was this: “That’s fascinating. And terrifying. Welp, no more soda!”**

Though I’ve also been a candy freak and can’t blame soda exclusively, soft drinks are one of the most significant dietary sources of tooth decay for people of all ages, and I’ve been a regular drinker. With every sip, I was inviting the soda to come on in, coat my teeth and attack them. The phosphoric acid wears at the enamel and starts to cause decay. Enter bacteria, cavities, tooth sensitivity and a whole bunch of other stuff you don’t wanna mess with.

If you’ve given up a beverage that previously owned you and have any tips to share, I’d love to hear them! This is how I’m feeling right now, having quit cold turkey. [And by cold turkey I mean I surrendered to half a can of Diet Orange Crush because it was there. Could I have chosen something more artificial in color and taste? No.] Can you relate?

Sorry, soda. It’s not you, it’s me. You’re pretty tasty, super bubbly and always there when I need you. But dental work isn’t fun, and I just don’t see dentures in my future. Maybe I’ll call you sometime. But baby, I just don’t need you anymore.

…for the most part. Shoot, I’m only human!



*If you see me drinking soda, you have explicit permission to sucker punch me. 

**Good thing you didn’t see me slurping that Diet Crush. 


10 thoughts on “So Long, Soda

  1. Unfortunately, I have never found soda that isn’t completely artificial. I drank a lot of it a few years ago but then I just decided to stop one day and that was it, I didn’t allow myself to have even one sip because then I would probably want more. But after a few years I think I have recovered and now I really don’t like that bubbles and the (too) sweet taste. :) At least for now :D

    Good luck on your soda quitting journey! :)

    • Great advice, thanks so much! I think cold turkey and no occasional cans will have to be the way. I don’t think I expected it to be so tough to kick! Go girl! Admire your strength!

  2. I spent a few terrifying hours at the dentist last week myself. Can’t blame soda, I’ve been soda free for 2 years now, but I definitely have enjoyed too much sweets. Thanks for standing up and owning this! I think I need to do the same!! You can do it! Soda free is the only way to be!!! ;)

  3. It’s so inspiring to read this! Fortunately, soda is not too much of a problem for me, but cheese is another story. I really don’t think that I benefit much from dairy and certainly in such an ultra processed form ;) thanks for inspiring me to keep challenging myself to stay away from the foods I know are not the best for me!

    • I hear you Berta – you can do it! Even cutting back from your usual intake can make a big difference. I haven’t cut out cheese altogether, but now have it 2-3 times a week instead of with almost every meal. I can feel a difference and am wanting it far less. I am blown away that you’re inspired to keep challenging yourself, that’s more than I could hope for – now go do amazing things lady! :)

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