November Playlist

November Playlist

November sounds are up and running! I am currently obsessing over Andrew McMahon’s latest project, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. The album is perfect to chill and space out to. I saw him live over the weekend [for the 17th time] and as always, he did not disappoint! He even played Jack’s Mannequin & Something Corporate songs. It was incredible. <3

But seriously… give his two new songs a listen – I cannot get enough!

What else? Lots of relaxing tunes, perfect for cozy November days. If you need to get lost on a quiet rainy day, give Rue Royals, Minus the Bear, and Lykke Li a listen. Unfortunately, Spotify did not have the actual version of Possibility by Lykke Li, so I found the next best thing. I encourage you to give the real one a listen. Ready to get amped? Spotlight by Mutemath. Anberlin, and Matt and Kim will get the job done!

Anyone else a fan of my picks? Would love to hear from some fellow music lovers! If not, what are you listening to these days? xx Bianca


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