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#BuytheBunny: Building a Cruelty Free Family

The first thing we ever bought for our son was this:Quote - The Friendly FigWe had no idea what to expect out of him, or parenthood. But we hung this in his empty nursery, wanting him to remember these things above all else.

I see it as part of my job to teach my son to practice kindness. Pleases and “dank dooooo”s, sure, but in the greater scheme, kindness to all things.

Bianca’s desk is right next to mine in the office. She was there when I got the call that Henry bit someone at daycare. Tears rolling, I started squeaking out questions in a foreign voice. No, he didn’t break the skin. No, I couldn’t apologize to the other child’s mother, because it was against school policy to release their name. Yes, they would let me know if it happened again. And yes, I overreacted. But the thought of my little homie bringing harm to someone totally set me off.

We are sure to face much bigger challenges and tests along this journey. Indeed, we already have. When he bites, throws something, or pulls my hair as hard as he freaking can, I explain, “We don’t do that. That hurts people.” I sound like a nut job. Dude’s not even a year and a half. But I hope the message will resonate with him sooner than later.

We don’t bite people. We don’t yank on the cat’s hind legs to bring her closer to us. And we try our hardest to support businesses that care about others, including animals, like we do.

That in mind, here are some cruelty free family products we’ve stumbled upon and stood by:

  • Mr. Bubble. C’mon, you know you sent away for the t-shirt on the back of the bottle in your hay day, or at least considered it. The tradition continues!
  • Palmer’s. Sorry Frank’s, but this is the shit I put on everything. I get funny looks when I bust out their Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick cause it looks like a glue stick and I smear it all over my lips. Also slathered it from head to toe to protect my skin during pregnancy, and Eric said I smelled like a walking birthday cake.
  • Method Dish Soap. Originally chose this because they sell it at Target and it looks pretty. Now I keep on truckin’ cause it’s cruelty free and their branding is on point.
  • Ava Anderson Baby Lotion. We received this as a gift at my baby shower and have become repeat customers. Only once so far though, cause this stuff lasts a while. We use a small dollop after bath time. Non-toxic with a calming, natural scent that reminds me of those frantic first days.
  • GM Collin Cleansing Milk. This is a splurge that started when my mom and I got a pre-wedding facial and I fell in love. It smells of grapefruit and lemon and leaves skin remarkably smooth…no facial needed. That reminds me, I’m running low. Santa, can you hear me?

Gladly, there are other cruelty free products in our home as well (CertainDri deodorant, anyone?), but those are my must-haves. What are yours? Tell us on Twitter, and tag your post #BuyTheBunny. We’re rockin’ that hashtag all month.



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