Personal Hygiene Products Not Tested on Animals

#BuyTheBunny: Personal Hygiene Edition

Being cruelty-free doesn’t equal to being stinky! Contrary to what a lot of people assume, buying cruelty-free is easy and does not have to break your bank. We hope that you have been taking a ton from our #BuyTheBunny posts this month, because shopping cruelty-free is so *so* important. We’ve tackled everything from beauty to household cleaning products, so this week, we want to focus on personal hygiene. These are the items that you use daily – we hope! ;)

We’re counting down our favorites for 10 different products.

#1: Deodorant

Winner: I’m a huge fan of Tom’s of Maine – especially their natural deodorant. Smells great and keeps these pits under control!
Runner Ups: Kiss My Face & Alba Botanica

#2: Toothpaste

Winner: Kiss My Face is such a great company, and I buy it at my local Whole Foods. They have a ton of options, which is nice!
Runner Ups: Tom’s of Maine & Dr. Kens

#3: Mouth Wash

Winner: Desert Essence is a great whitener and wash!
Runner Ups: Tom’s of Maine & Organix South Inc.

#4: Shaving

Winner: I love Avalon Organics! They have pretty scents, too. My favorite is lavender.
Runner Ups: Kiss My Face & Aubrey Organics

#5: Shampoo & Conditioner

Winner: Giovanni Cosmetics – Sara swears by it!
Runner Ups: Avalon Organics & Paul Mitchell

#6: Soap

Winner: I. love. Mrs. Meyers – from the packaging to the scents to the quality!
Runner Ups: Avalon Organics & Yes To

#7: Body Wash

Winner: Yes To, because seriously… all the scents, the price, and it is just perfect.
Runner Ups: Beauty Without Cruelty & Lather Inc.

#8: Perfume

Winner: The Body Shop has a wonderful assortment!
Runner Ups: Arbonne & Aubrey Organics

#9: Wipes & Toilettes

Winner: Yes To – perfect for travel and plenty of options!
Runner Ups: Burt’s Bees & CleanWell

#10: Acne Treatment

Winner: I swear by Burt’s Bees – they have such a great selection, and their products have cleared my face like whoa. I swear, I should be their freaking advocate.
Runner Ups: Alba Botanica & ThatZit!

Okay, your turn! We want to hear what you guys use for the above products. Please share below!

As we wrap up our #BuyTheBunny month, we realized that we don’t want to just wrap it up… we want to keep it going! We’ll continue to use the #BuyTheBunny hashtag, and we hope that you will, too. xx Bianca


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  1. Awesome! We use Tom’s of Maine deodorant as well, but haven’t tried Kiss My Face toothpaste. We really enjoy the Sea Fresh toothpaste by JĀSÖN though. Thanks for sharing, Bianca!

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