I Believe I Can Fly

My husband, Eric has a walking mail route. I think he averages about 7 miles a day, in all kinds of weather. Add me and our 17-month-old into the mix, and the dude needs all the energy he can get. No doubt about it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.40.52 AM

One morning, after pressing his “Sleep” button a dangerous number of times, he rolls out of bed, groggily throws on his t-shirt and turns to face the mirror. He slowly and deliberately starts flapping his arms, upping the tempo as he goes.

I’m staring at this point, pretty incredulously, at the grouchiest looking seagull I ever fucking saw. “Hey…uh…whatcha doin?” I asked.

“‘Sposed to give you an energy boost.” [flap flap] Heard it someplace. Gonna be a long rainy day. [flap] Worth a try,” he explains between animated flaps.

It goes on this way for about a minute. Me, stifling my laughter and him, flying south for the winter.

At this point, I had to give it a try. “There you go, you got it!” the silly goose says to me as I prepare for liftoff.

And I gotta say. Shit works. I even saw it on Dr. Oz some time after our first flight. Part of his One-Minute Energy Booster, it simply gets the blood flowing.

Whenever we remember, in the early morning, in our pjs, we flap. And we laugh. If you need a quick, natural energy boost, you should too.





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    • No way! As a carrier? So much respect for postal employees. Never saw a group so dedicated, and with so much camaraderie. Wish you worked in Providence – I sent tons of cookies to the PVD carriers last week! :)

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