Holiday Wish List

Bianca’s Holiday Wish List

Hey Joe & Family – you here? Welcome to my online Christmas list! LOL Kidding – sorta ;)

The girls and I thought it would be fun to share what we are wishing for this holiday season – from kitchen gadgets to cruelty-free beauty products! Oh, and Fiestaware… always Fiestaware. Take a look at my top 10!

#1: Fiestaware in Poppy

poppyJust to be clear, Fiestware will be on my list for the rest of my life. I’m dying to get my hands on the latest color, Poppy. Also Plum, Shamrock, and Peacock – ALL THE COLORS.

#2: Spiralizer

spiralizerI hear good things about the Paderno Spiralizer, and I have yet to make zucchini pasta. Cannot wait to experiment with it!

#3: This Daryl Dixon Shirt

darylI don’t care if this is a men’s shirt from Hot Topic. Don’t judge. I need it in my life. Sold out, Hot Topic? Get with the program, please.

#4: Cards Against Humanity

yesI love a good game night, and this game is my latest must-have. If you’ve played, you know just how awkward and dangerously personal it can get!

#5: Galaxy Vans

Just because, look at them. Super fun for a spacey-girl like me.

#6: This Shirt

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.59.26 AM
PETA knows my soul. Everything about this shirt it damn near perfect.

#7: BOOMStick Color

I recently raved about the BOOMStick, so are you surprised? I’ve hijacked my Mom’s enough… time to have my own!

#8: Food Processor

foodThis may come as a shock to you, but no, I do not own a food processor. Yes, I realize that I could not possibly live without one any longer. Yes, I realize it is going to make my kitchen experience come full circle, and make things MUCH easier (sorry, Magic Bullet). So low and behold, here it is! Still not sure on the brand yet… I am leaving this up to my Mom! ;)

#9: Walking Dead, Seasons 1-4

season 4

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know it’s on Netflix. I just need them, okay?

#10: Knuckle Rings

There’s something so delicate and boho about these rings. So naturally, I need them. Oh, and while we’re on the topic of rings… also a Pisces one, aaaaaand a 23, please.

What are you hoping to score this holiday season? Cannot wait to hear! Stay tuned for Sara and Kate’s lists, too! xx Bianca


16 thoughts on “Bianca’s Holiday Wish List

  1. Love this list, especially the peta shirt and the spiralizer! My husband just added the Walking Dead to our Netflix list; we’ve never seen it…I have a feeling we’re going to do some binge watching! :)

    • AAAHH… this made my day basically. You are going to get sooo hooked! You’ll never want to stop… very excited for you! You’ll have to keep me updated as you go :-D

    • #1: I cannot wait go get one – that sounds soo good! I need to make that after the holidays.

      #2: Love it!!

      #3: So glad you knew about Daryl before even clicking ;)

  2. I’ve had a big food processor for years, but then a couple of years ago my MIL got me a small Cuisinart one much like the one you have pictured here. I. LOVE. IT. It’s easily my most-used small appliance. Well, that and my Ninja. :)

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