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Vegan Life Magazine Vol. 2 Review: ZOMBIES & Veganuary

It is with much excitement to announce that we are officially a part of Vegan Life magazine’s Blogger Team. This means that Sara or I will be writing a blog post about our favorite posts from the magazine every month or so. It’s super exciting for both of us, because it definitely helps to not only further educate, but to have fresh topics to discuss with you guys!

In the second issue of Vegan Life, there were a ton of great recipes and articles about World Vegan Month (November). BUT… two things stuck out the most for me in this issue, being: The Vegan Zombie & Veganuary.


So, first thing’s first. By now, most of you know about my love for The Walking Dead. So naturally, when I came across this feature I was ALL. OVER IT. I had NO IDEA THIS WEBSITE EXISTED. The Vegan Zombie was created to put “a vegan twist in the horror genre.” The idea is essentially that meat flesh is infected, so vegans are waaaay ahead of the game! Jon and Indy (his badass German Shepherd) share vegan recipes, health tips, and of course… tips for zombie apocalypse survival. Seriously, is this real? I can’t get enough of this website – there is even a Vegan Zombie Cookbook available. [Even Daryl Dixon knows what’s good for him.]

daryl zombie


Okay, moving on from my zombie infatuation. VEGANUARY!


If you were not aware of this, Veganuary is dedicated to the month of January, in an effort to persuade a friend, family member, or individual to go vegan for just one month. The Vegan Life article gives us the background of Veganuary, starting with just a man and woman’s Facebook page. They simply wanted to persuade people to give it a try and before they knew it, Vegnuary had a large, growing community. Even a month of veganism can reduce the suffering of animals. Start small. All great change begins with small steps.

Everyone knows that January is the month of resolutions and change, so it is really the perfect time to give it a shot. With a month left in 2014, now is a good time to do your research and prepare for this initiative! There are a ton of resources available. I especially love the VRG website. It’s super helpful and answers many (if not all) of your concerns. Hell, we have a ton on our site! Here are just a few past posts to check out:

We’re so excited to be a part of the Vegan Life family, and we encourage you to be, too! You can buy a subrscription package, or download the app. I am crazy about the app right now! Add it to your newsstands, today. We’ll be back with a vol. 3 review before you know it. xx Bianca


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