Holiday Gift Guide Vegan

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Vegan

That special vegan in your life deserves the best this holiday season! Sara was super excited to start this “Holiday Gift Guide” idea. She has the best ideas. Anyways, I asked if I could write up a vegan one – because hello, this is basically just another one of my own wish lists. Honestly, whether you buy this stuff for a friend or for yourself, you are #winning. LET’S SHOP.

#1: Vegan Cuts Subscription. From snacks to beauty products, these boxes are filled with vegan and cruelty-free samples. Depending on how much you’re ready to spend, you can choose a one-time delivery or a subscription for up to 12 months!

#2: Hot Cocoa Kit. Dandies vegan marshmallows are the greatest thing to ever happen to vegan junk food. Pair that gooey goodness up with some St. Claire’s Organics hot chocolate mix and a cute mug, and you have yourself an awesome combo.

#3: A Statement Bag. I love this “Be Loud for Animals” tote by PETA. It’s screaming the message LOUD and PROUD!

#4: Thug Kitchen Cookbook. “Eat like you give a fuck.” If your vegan friend doesn’t give a flying fuck about profanity, enjoys to cook, and loves to laugh their veggie-ass off, then this is the gift for them. Trust me.

#5: A “That’s So True” Sweater. “I just want to drink soy lattes, save animals, and take naps.” This sweater from PETA is everything. I actually have the t-shirt on my own holiday wish list. Is there anything else you want to do? No? Okay good, we’re on the same page. I’m sure your vegan friend is, too.

I am especially eyeing the Vegan Cuts gift sets… they are such an awesome idea! Whether you go big or go small, the veggie-lover in your life will appreciate the thought. Be sure to come back soon… we’re going to be sharing some cruelty-free STOCKING STUFFERS!! Holla!! xx Bianca


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