Holiday Wish List

Sara’s Holiday Wish List

Attention, attention. Buy me these things. Thanks. (Just kidding. This is a wish list and most of these things are way out of my price range / the price ranges of everyone I know because I do not know any movie stars. Unfortunately. Matthew Gray Gubler, where are you when I need you?!) Let’s just jump right into the good stuff…

#1: Striped Angled Geometry Bookend


This thing would look amazing in my new apartment. Just sayin’.

#2: Engraved Rolling Pin

rolling pin


Think of all the beautiful cookies!

#3: A Super Soft Plaid Scarf


Because I never go anywhere without a scarf.

#4: Really Good Balsamic


I know the stuff I’m using (and using happily) isn’t even real balsamic vinegar. But a bottle of the good stuff can go for $100+. But I want it. This is a wish list after all.

#5: Craft Beer of the Month Club

craft beer club

I live for this stuff. Twelve new brews to try each month!

#6: Vitamix


I already have a food processor and a Magic Bullet. Would I ever use this $700 blender? Probably not but a girl can dream of mornings filled with delicious green smoothies with no leftover chunks (*cough* Magic Bullet *cough*) and evenings filled with other… healthy… foods… I could make in this thing. What else could I make in this thing? I have no idea.

#7: Guten Toggle Coat


Gah. Gorgeous.

#8: Jasmine Bamboo Mirror


This would also look great in my new apartment.

#9: Paint Chip Calendar


Well this would just fit in perfectly in my office!

#10: Dip-Dye Faux Fur Throw


I can’t decide if this throw is so hideous or perfectly chic. I’m going with chic.

What’s on your holiday wish list this year? xo Sara


6 thoughts on “Sara’s Holiday Wish List

    • I think that’s even on the lower end! I’ve been reading a lot about how the vinegar we get at the grocery store is just cheap vinegar with some flavorings and colorings added to it and real balsamic should be syrup-y and just used as a finisher on dishes. I love the cheap stuff so I’m dying to try the good stuff!

  1. Yes, you would use the Vitamix!! Mine is the single most important item in my kitchen and gets used at least once a day, many days multiple times a day. You need it!! I would love the craft beer of the month club membership- that is so awesome!

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